Crossbonefest 2016: 3 new bands announced

We’re in a good mood so here are three new names for y’all!

One of Reflection records’ newest bands LIFESPITE is confirmed. This band is with that angry guitar player of Reproach! Folky tuned punkrockband THE PENSKE FILEis coming all the way from Canada to hit the stage. And superband PRINCE BEASTLYincluding members of Priceduifkes, New Moon, Jesus Police, Crackups, MC Ferdi,.. will swing the pans of the roof. More band will be announced soon.

All Info

Date: 18th and 19th of March 2016
Location: JH The Basement (Houthalen)
Facebook event:
About: Crossbonefest is an annual DIY Punkrock/HC festival in Houthalen (Belgium).
Line-up (So far): The Copyrights (US), Sass Dragons (US), Vitamin X (D/NL/..), The Apers (NL/A), Reproach (BE), The Priceduifkes (BE), Insanity Alert (A), Cheap Drugs (BE), Not Scientists (FR), Toxic Shock (BE), The Accelerators (NL), Lotus (BE), Weekend Dads (CAN), Cut Here! (BE), Youth Avoiders (FR), Kamikaze Girls (UK), Clean Shirts (UK), Hindsights (UK), The Penske File (CAN), Sick Thoughts (US), Prince Beastly (BE), Slice Of Life (FR), Griswalds (UK), Ssssnakes (UK), Dan Webb and The Spiders (US), Custody (FIN), Coma Commander (BE), Teenage Bubblegums (IT), Lifespite (BE), 7yearsbadluck (A), Equal idiots (BE), Tango Mi Amor (BE), Mountains To Move (BE), Steel justice (BE), Valley (FR), No Fun (D), Fuck Ups (BE), Customized (BE), Badger (BE) & Shitfits (BE).

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