Crossbonefest: First names!

Crossbone fest is proud to announce it’s first 10 bands that will be playing the 2015 edition. And no, Crossbonefest will not be moved to another date, the 20th and 21th of March of 2015 are set in stone no matter what headliner is available. Only a nuclear disaster that sweeps Houthalen of the map can stop us. So here it goes, the first 10 bands that will grace our stage :
Cheap Drugs
Clean Shirts (UK)
Not Scientists (FR)
Sons Of Buddha (FR)
The Bat Bites (NL)
The Priceduifkes
The Real Danger (NL)
The Windowsill (NL)
Muncie Girls (UK)
The next batch of bands including the headliners will follow soon, so keep an eye open for more Crossbone fest news.

Date: 20th and 21st of March 2015
Location: JH The Basement (Houthalen)
Facebook event:
About: Crossbonefest is an annual DIY Punkrock/HC festival in Houthalen (Belgium).

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