Cryptopsy – Audio, Glasgow – 02/09/2014

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It has become the tradition to have at least one neck-cracking metal gig at the beginning of each week of the week. The first week of September was not the exception. This week it was Cryptopsy who were headlining with support from the smashing Jungle Rot, Disgorge and Matricide.


Jungle Rot
Jungle Rot

As was billed, Matricide were first to hit the stage. They are a quite expressive and very energetic band from Israel who didn’t get much attention and support from the Glaswegian audience.  There might be two reasons why this short Matricide set felt quite awkward. Firstly, they are a deathcore/metalcore band, which didn’t look or sound properly in the whole brutal death metal picture. Secondly, they were first and to play first usually means there is a poor crowd. Either way, it didn’t last long and besides the huge banner, which was left hanging on the wall during the next band’s show, Matricide was most likely forgotten by the time Jungle Rot hit the stage.

The death metal quartet from Wisconsin, Jungle Rot, didn’t take a lot of time to get on the stage and the audience seemed to be much more supportive and even tried a moshpit during the second part of the show. Jungle Rot play powerful and angry death metal lead by Dave Matrise and it was a great lift up for the fans at the Audio club. The show would have been so much more smashing if not for the constant technical problems with sound. Nevertheless, the view from the crowd when they finished was that they played a neck-cracking set.

The last band before Cryptopsy, Disgorge  from California incited the flames of hell. By all means, this band could easily stand next to Cryptopsy as a main headliner for the evening. This an evil brutal, sweaty


and hellish moshpit in the club proved this right. The whole Audio club was literally moving and who knows, maybe the bridge over it was bumping the trains too. After a very energetic set the band came back for the actively encouraged encore and left the stage for the Canadian death metal warriors.

The brutal death metal odyssey continued after a longer break and the very last awaited band to storm in to the stage was, of course, Canadian metallers Cryptopsy. Their trademark sound and incredibly long haired vocalist Matt McGachy totally destroyed the place with non stop sweaty moshpits


and stage diving was something that really crowned the concert in this small and gloomy club under the train bridge in Glasgow. After one hour of smashing and technical death metal terror, with an encore of two no less brutal tracks and the Glaswegian metalheads left the club fully charged until another time.


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