CYNOSURE GUITARS team with BLOODSTOCK to build “…the most Metal guitar of all time…”

Bloodstock Cynosure guitar fullThe artisan CYNOSURE GUITARS have been invited to participate at this years Bloodstock Festival in the UK, which runs from 7-10th August.

Established over a decade ago by renowned fantasy artist, Paul Raymond Gregory and run by the Gregory Family, BLOODSTOCK Festival is set to host another metal spectacle, gathering fans from all over the world in the grounds of Catton Park, Derbyshire next month. BLOODSTOCK is one of the key European festival epicentres for metal music, featuring internationally acclaimed bands and now visual artists for a pure unadulterated ‘Heavy Metal’ experience.  Encompassing around 15,000 metal-loving attendees, this year is set to be the biggest and most successful Bloodstock to date with Megadeth, DOWN, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, Hatebreed, Children of Bodom, Saxon and many more bringing their talent to three stages over the event’s four day duration.

2014 is the inaugural year of Paul Raymond Gregory’s ‘Rock and Metal’ (RAM) Gallery, showcasing the work of ‘up-and-coming’ artists, as well as established artists with the emphasis on Rock-related art and memorabilia.  CYNOSURE GUITARS are participating as featured special guest visual artists in the new gallery exhibit at the revered festival, promoting and presenting their unconventional instruments, known as, “functional art”.   With the RAM Gallery, Paul Raymond Gregory illustrates his belief in supporting visual and aesthetic artists as much as musicians (which Bloodstock does with its ‘New Blood’ stage).

One of CYNOSURE’s four guitars on display will be the eponymous custom-built ‘Bloodstock Guitar’ (Infernus model), featuring full-branding and idiosyncrasies, coupled with the concept of Bloodstock Festival that promises to be “..the most ‘metal’ guitar of all time…”, says artist and luthier, CYNOSURE.  Be sure to make time at the festival to come in and view the guitars in the RAM Gallery.

CYNOSURE GUITARS are no strangers to producing concept guitars. During 2013, CYNOSURE built a series of postmodern guitars featuring technologies and thematics of differing eras of Industrial Revolution that were exhibited at the world renowned art fair, ‘Art Basel’.

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