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Dave Evans and Swanee River, Review, The Towler Bury, 22.06.12.

On the outskirts of Manchester City Center, came a night of flowing beer, whiskey and sweat, as Dave Evans the original singer of AC/DC  steps up to do the first night of his UK tour. A little music pub was buzzing with excitement as there was over a hundred people gathered to witness Dave’s charismatic performance. There was a total of three bands supporting the legendary Dave Evans, Subject 7, Karma Killers and Swanee River.

Subject 7  are a band that are a local band from Preston, a relatively new band that are making themselves known in the Northern area. A mix match sound of classical metal like Dio to a new fresher sound of modern rock Red Hot Chilli Peppers, not only are they talented musicians but comical with their joke song ‘ NINJITSU’.

Karma Killers have just released their ‘self titled’ EP which is set in concrete hard rock. They are a band that have some pretty fierce melodies and in your face riffs, making them a good choice of support! A set list mix of sweet originals and AC/DC covers.

Up next the Irish blues rockers Swanee Rivers, with three EPs and an album under their belt it’s safe to say they are a perfect blend of The Answer and AC/DC. Swanee River have an attractive and confidant appearance that compliments their dirt rock and roll image. They start their night with ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Bouncy Castles’. ‘Bouncy Castle’ opens with a full force rhythm guarantee to get you moving. With only one guitarist there is a strong and bold combination chords and melodic lines and use of overdrive effects giving his solos the dirty distorted sound. Moving into ‘Smoking Jacket’ and ‘The Dose’, the Irish show the British just how to charm a crowd. Vocalist Stevie is one talented front man drawing his audience in with his extremely energetic performance. As the set goes on I notice hints of the man himself Jimmy Page especially in ‘The Dose’. ‘Gypsy Promise’ had to be one of favorites of the night, the audience went wild for its epic bass line and roaring vocals like Brain Johnson with Angus infested riffs. Swanee River finish off with ‘Baby Better Lady’.   We are more than ready for Dave Evans, bring on the leathers!

Dave chose his line- up well Chris Appleton on lead guitar, Tom Atkinson on rhythm, Dan Bate on bass and Martin Mcnee on drums. They brought a captivating essence bringing Dave Evan’s album ‘Judgement Day’ to live.
Dave came to the stage with a striking pose as they kicked in to ‘We Don’t Dance To Your Song’, ‘Judgement Day’ and ‘Ain’t Gonna Do You To Me Anymore’.
Dave gave us exactly what we wanted ‘Little Headbanger’, ‘Jailbreak’ and ‘Shoot on Sight’. ‘Shoot on Sight’ managed to pull the spectators that didn’t know Dave to join the side of the badasses.
Over the years Dave’s vocals have improved dramatically and tonight we got a taste of their true ability, gruff, hearty and powerful.
By tonight’s performance it was clear that Dave still knew how to work his audience with alluring and appealing character, especially with the ladies, drawing them in with ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’, following ‘Rockin In The Parlour’, ‘You Talking to Me’ and ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’.
The atmosphere was filled with damn right ballsy attitude and appreciation for the era that brought us true rock and roll. The venue captured the core of what hard rock is all about. It was perfect apart from the sweaty bodies brushing up agasint you but it wouldn’t be the same without them.
The night ended with three top AC/DC songs all dedicated to Bon Scott ‘T.N.T’, ‘Long Way To The Top’, ‘Let There Be Rock’, Dave exit the stage leaving everyone screaming more.
Dave Evans is a night of pure passion, Aussie rock, kick ass moves, wit and entertainment. The one thing I would say about tonight is the set was over before you know it. He will be embracing many cities around the UK you would be daft to miss out.

Tour Dates

Friday 22nd The Towler Bury
Sat 23rd Revolver Birkenhead
Sun 24th Uncle Toms Cabin Blackpool
Wed 27th Boston Arms Ipswich
Fri 29th Odins Ebbw Vale.
Sat 30th Brookers Bar Chester
Sun 1st Billing Bike Show Northampton
Thurs 5th Whittles Oldham
Fri 6th Yardbirds Club Grimsby
Sat 7th Sanctuary Rock Bar Burnley
Sun 8th Sports Bar Tamworth

Set List – Swanee River
Young Blood
Bouncy Castles
Smokin Jacket
The Dose
Gypsy Promise
Richter Scale
Baby Better Lady

Dave Evans
We Don’t Dance To Your Song
Judgement Day
Ain’t Gonna Do You To Me Anymore
Rock N Roll  Singer
Helluva Night
Little Headbanger
Band Molls
Shoot on Sight
Can I Sit Next To You Girl
Rockin In The Parlour
You Talkin To Me
Baby Please Don’t Go
Long Way To The Top
Let There Be Rock.

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