Deicide – Whiplash! at The Liverpool Masque 27/06/2011

Welcome to Whiplash Promotions presenting Deicide

Opening up tonight’s proceedings are The Amenta.

The Australian black metalers start the night off in a blinding fashion, with opening track Vo1d paving the way with a killer opening to tonight’s proceedings with frontman Cain Cressall on top form.

Intense, ferocious and brutal sum this bands performance up tonight.

Highlight of the set: Vermin

Set List:


* * *

Following on we have the mighty Hour of Penance.

Believe it or not, this destructive Italian four piece have actually been around since 1999, originally starting off as a black/death metal cover band before progressing into the beast of a band that we know it as now ~ developing their own sense of individuality and power as they release more albums culminating in last years “Paradogma”, which is the best album they have released to date in my opinion, and has had comparisons drawn to both the legendary Nile and the mighty Behemoth.

Devastating as ever, these guys play an aggressive set tonight, though unfortunately they seem strangely out of place. Unfortunately they suffer from sound issues throughout their set and they didn’t really hit the heights that they are capable of achieving.

* * *

Next up we have the mighty Belphegor.

Named after the demon, this Austrian black metal outfit put things back on track.

With improved sound, great stage presence and superbly crafted songs they demonstrate why they are among the most talked about black metal outfits today.

Highlight of the set: Hells Ambassador

Set List:

Intro: In Blood – Devour This Sancity;
BG – Hells Ambassador;
Angeli Mortis Du Profundis;
Implaed Upon The Toungue of Sathan;
Lucifer Incestus;
In Blood Outro
Rise To Fall and Fall To Rise;
Intro: Bondage Goat Zombie;


The living legends of death metal known as Deicide complete this brutally destructive bill.

Forming part of the “God Is Dead To Hell With God” tour it was quite a surprise when this legendary band was announced to be playing a Whiplash gig at The Masque having not played in the city of Liverpool for what seemed like an eternity.

One word sums up tonight’s performance – immense!

Glen Benton might not be a spring chicken anymore, but no one has told him that.

Still playing as intensely now as they did when they broke though way back in the early 1990’s, its easy to forget how old he actually is and how long this band have been around for.

From start to finish the set is simply intense, with the sheer ferocity of Glen’s guitar driven brand of death metal driving the large crowd into a frenzy with pits forming left, right and centre with the obligatory crowd surfers flying overhead before someone takes a stage dive off the speakers into the braying crowd.

Brutal as hell – hopefully we wont have to wait long to see Glen and co back in Liverpool!!

Highlight of the set: Dead But Dreaming closely followed by When Satan Rules The World

Set List:

Homage For Satan;
Dead By Dawn;
Once Upon The Cross;
Scars of the Crucifix;
When Satan Rules The World;
Serpents of The Light;
Hang In Agony Until Your Dead;
Children of The Underworld;
Death To Jesus;
Dead But Dreaming;
Witness of Death;
Into The Darkness You Go;
How Can You Call Yourself;
Kill The Christians;
Lunatic Gods of Creation;
Sacrificial Suicide;

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