Demoraliser Interview Glasgow 01/05/2013

Demoraliser Interview  (2)On a mild Wednesday night in Glasgow, is there a better way to spend an evening than chatting to up and coming metal bands?  I don’t think so, so it was little surprise that I found myself backstage at Glasgow’s O2 ABC2 catching up with the instantly likeable boys from Demoraliser. Scroll down and check out the interview!!

Please note – The interview took place while Black Dogs were soundchecking. The interview is clearly audible but we had to stop/start it in parts to reduce the background noise drowning out the answers so the audio has been joined together.

*Just a wee update to this interview, the tour announcement will be made by the band (and this web site) on May 7th, not the 4th as was mentioned.*

Their debut album ‘A Living Nightmare‘ is available now.

Demoraliser are: James Dexter – Vocals, Nathan Smith – Guitar, Sam Jarvis – Guitar, James Raisbeck – Bass, Mat Ombler – Drums.


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