Desaster- The Arts of Destruction, Album Review

Desaster is a black / thrash band hailing from Germany since 1989. The Arts of Destruction, which was recorded at ToxoMusic Studios and mixed at Temple of Disharmony, shall be their 7th album and will be released on the 28th February 2012.

My first thought was ‘wow’ when I was hit by the second track on the album which is The Art of Destruction, the title track, a full on heavy, theatrical, black metal  sound. Then I waited anxiously for the groove to come in and at 1.36 I was not disappointed, the thrash had kicked in. The vocals throughout are dark, deep and totally insane. I was reminded of Max Cavalera in early Sepultura in the way certain lyrics were pronounced and emphasised, fantastic.

My mind is melting! I can’t listen to this without wanting to be at a gig totally thrashing it out, its torture. Absolutely amazing, I am currently listening to track four, The Splendour of the Idols, lots of temp changes and moments of interest. When that beat kicks in at 3.19 I can’t stop myself grinning like a lunatic.

There is also lots of chunky riffage, for example in Lacerate at 1.30.

My favourite word when describing music, the element I crave in metal, is abundant in this album, groove and plenty of energy. If you crave that indescribable state of mind that makes you want to tear someone’s face off and break your own neck, this album is for you. Just make sure you’re careful when listening to it in the car as the sound quality is fantastic.

Fast paced drums, interesting groovy riffs and the powerful vocals make for intense listening, I was expecting big things from this album and I am blown away.

Rating:  10 out of 10

Track Listing

1. Intro

2. The Art Of Destruction

3. Lacerate

4. The Splendour of the Idols

5. Phantom Funeral

6. Queens of Sodomy

7. At Hell’s Horizon

8. Troops of Heathens, Graves of Saints

9. Possessed and Defiled

10. Beyond Your Grace

11. Outro


Line Up

Tormentor – Sodomized Drum- Chaos & Double Cannonfire
Infernal – Six Silverstrings of Hellish- Crossfire
Odin – Roaring Four String Battle- Axe
Sataniac – Spells of War and Vengeance

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