Destroyers of the Faith (Cannibal Corpse, Enslaved, Tripykon, Job for a Cowboy) 8th March 2012


Well where to start? I’m on the train to Destroyers of the Faith at the ABC in Glasgow. I am bricking it as in a few hours I shall be interviewing Paul from Cannibal Corpse. No drinking for me yet, must be professional and not fan girl. Also on the interview list are Job for a Cowboy (Nick you are insane!) and Tripykon. Anyway moving on, to the venue!




I am late getting to the stage after doing interviews to see Job for a Cowboy kick off the evening. Once the venue fills up there is a great atmosphere in the room, JFC are delivering tonnes of energy on stage and receive great appreciation from the crowd when the pound in with Unfurling a Darkened Gospel and end their set on Constitutional Masturbation. Reducibly though they weren’t my favourite band of the night I did enjoy their set and they leaving everyone geared up for the night ahead.



Next up is the mighty Enslaved. The atmosphere is quite intense as the

venue is now packed and everyone is looking forward to the set. Enslaved enter and smash in with Ethica Odini. The crowd are going insane throughout the whole set because of the huge theatrical sound emitting from the stage and the energy projected by the band. A shocking surprise was their cover of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin which is a difficult track to cover, especially with unclean vocals or so I would have thought, but we expected Enslaved to pull it off and they did, spectacularly. They ended their set with Isla and everyone vacated to the bar.



Again I get to the stage late after interviews to see Tripykon’s set. I have never seen them live before so I wasn’t sure

what to expect. Tom G. Warrior’s vocals presence on stage certainly added an extra layer of dark lunacy to the set. They covered Celtic Frost’s Synagoga Satanae and Circle of the Tyrants. Their bleak and aggressive sound envelops the whole venue and the many layers of changes in each track leave the crowd enchanted or head banging. They finished with The Prolonging which seemed to be a crowd favourite and I was certainly impressed by the band and enjoyed the experience.

Now it’s that moment where you have to decide what is more important, beer or pee before Cannibal Corpse hit the stage. Chatting away and then suddenly the lights go out and the crowd erupts into screams and shouts. I really wish I had chosen to pee now…


As ever as the band step onto the stage George claims is position at the front of the stage and takes ownership of everyone in the venue before he has even said a word (similar to a large bear pissing on your shoes). With a beer in hand and everyone readying themselves George sets us off with Evisceration Plague. Among the old favourites (well mine) I Cum Blood, Fucked with a Knife, The Time to Kill is Now (fuckin right!), Make The Suffer (SOFA!) and Hammer Smashed Face the crowd were treated to two tracks from the new album Demented Aggression and Scourge of Iron. Throughout the performance huge circle pits erupted at the start of every song and although I personally wasn’t sure how much head banging was going on (as I was also busy disconnecting my head from my neck) there but the whole venue was a sea of movement. Beer cups flying all over the shop and lots of sweaty arm pits (it was fucking hot in there!). The pounding groove, insane vocals and general presence of such a tight and raw band blows me away every time and I know that the whole crowd was grinning as much as I was when the set finished. Another fantastic performance to remember and another gig ticket on the wall.Now for the train and drunken walk of shame home.

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