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On 4 June 2016
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Destruction doing what they do best. Still delivering pristine German thrash metal for the last 34 years!


Probably my favourite genre of rock/metal would be thrash for the sheer intensity it creates and Destruction are a fine example of this. Considered (and rightly so) to be in the top 4 of German thrash metal bands along with Kreator, Sodom and Tankard, their latest studio album Under Attack, currently available on Nuclear Blast Records shows them with no intention of slowing down as they continue to march on in their 34th year since forming as Knight Of Dawn, quickly changing to Destruction and releasing their groundbreaking first studio album Infernal Overkill in 1985, following the Sentence Of Death EP in 1984.

The trio still contains 2 of the founding members Mike on guitars and Schmier on bass guitar/lead vocals and are currently undertaking a 6 month long World tour. The album kicks off with the title track. Its slow, intense instrumental build up leads into their trademark lightning speed abrasive thrash with Schmier’s first bitter vocal not coming in till after a scene setting 2 minutes. There is no pause for breath as ‘Generation Nevermore’ sprints out of the blocks with some buzz saw riffing providing a backing for Schmier’s barked vocal warning. Flourishes of melodic thrash precede wailing guitar solos.

Other highlights are ‘Getting Used To The Evil’. The first half of this 6 minute epic grounds and pounds until it flows into a headbanging midsection. It stomps to a finish with some mighty vocal bellows. The intensity levels are raised with the short, sharp bursts of rage that run through ‘Pathogenic’. ‘Second To None’ is a vintage Exodus like pit opener followed by the knockout ‘Children Of The Grave’ like rhythms in ‘Stand Up For What You Deliver’ with yet more furious fretboard work from Mike.

  ‘Conductor Of The Void’ is the most brutal song here with relentless riffing, hammer blow drumming from Vaaver and visceral vocals but closing track  ‘Stigmatized’ is my album highlight. With headphones on it sounds like being in the eye of a storm and a strong way to end Under Attack! The album is available as a Limited Edition Digipack CD (inc. 2 bonus tracks), a Limited Edition Double Gatefold Vinyl, a Digital Download and also as a Limited Edition Double Red Vinyl only available from

Album track listing :-

Under Attack.

Generation Nevermore.


Getting Used To The Evil.


Elegant Pigs.

Second To None.

Stand Up For What You Deliver.

Conductor Of The Void.


Destruction band line up :-

Mike Sifringer – Guitars.

Marcel ‘Schmier’ Schirmer – Lead vocals/bass guitar.

Wawrzyniec ‘Vaaver’ Dramowicz – Drums.


Destruction doing what they do best. Still delivering pristine German thrash metal for the last 34 years!

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