The Devil In Faust – Come Apart EP

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The Devil In Faust

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On March 4, 2017
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The Devil In Faust have produced a raw and highly enjoyable EP that will surely bring them closer to the big time.

The Devil in Faust, Come Apart EP is eventually here and it has been a long wait.  After being impressed with their video single for Dark Places back in December 2014 it has seemed like forever for this EP to appear.  The two further singles released in 2015 (Forsaken and So Clever) only added to the anticipation.

Band members: Al Pritchard – Vocals & Guitar; Ben Codd – Drums; Jess Lomas – Bass.

The Devil In Faust – Come Apart EP

With this EP, we get four songs which were recorded in Denmark.  Not exactly the usual place for goth rockers to record.  On that note, if we were to pigeon hole The Devil In Faust into any category would I be correct in calling them goth?  I’m not so sure, maybe rock just fits the bill nicely.

The EP starts with Cross Your Heart, a collection of simple chord changes mixed with some powerful reverb and strong vocals.  This is a great start and is exactly what I expected as a follow up to Dark Places.  Next is the up and coming single Soulmate which starts with some haunting notes (you would say this is goth if it was the only part of the EP you had heard).  However, that doesn’t last long and we are back into rock territory with the band driving through powerful bass and drums.  After several listens, I still find myself going back to this on my playlist. As good a choice as any for a single.

Third on the EP is In My Eyes.  Not wanting all the songs to sound similar and show versatility The Devil In Faust have produced a song that could have come straight out of the 90’s indie scene.  Think Cast on a good day.  A lower tempo and acoustic guitar start this slow burner and again this is a favourite on the current playlist.

The last song Seed gives us that goth vibe again and we are back into the familiarity of songs one and two.

With only four songs on the EP I cannot help but think there is more to come from The Devil in Faust.  This is a great EP and if you like this then you will be hoping for more very soon.  In the meantime, catch them doing a few shows over northern England in the next month or so.

16th March – Wolverhampton

8th April – York

11th April – Sheffield

12th April – London

15th April – Liverpool

20th May – Workington



1. Cross Your Heart

2. Soulmate

3. In My Eyes

4. Seed

RELEASE DATE: Friday 28th April


The Devil In Faust have produced a raw and highly enjoyable EP that will surely bring them closer to the big time.

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