Devils Tower – Rhythm Brutality (CD)

Stumbling across these Vancouver based Canadian guys the other day on the .net I thought I’d give their debut album a listen – I’m glad I did and it is very easy to see why they are enjoying a resurgence.

With sounds reminding me of the days when Samson, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest were starting up, Devils Tower will put a smile on the nwobhm purists out there.

Opening track Sultana Masquerader sets the scene on this nwothm style release with lyrics clearly showing the impact that iconic nwobhm bands such as Angel Witch have had, and will continue to have, for years to come.

The Tower lulls you into a false sense of security with its slow beginning before the song rapidly becomes an epic ballad and really demonstrates the vocal skills of James Buhs ~ who at times sounds uncannily similar to the legendary Bruce Dickenson.

Genocide and Blood Addiction rapidly turn up the pace a notch or three with there rapid fire duel axe attack, before Dark Knight takes you on another guitar driven epic ballad.

Rapehound cranks the pace back up and the remaining tracks turn into a full frontal rock assault.

All in all not a bad effort for a debut album (especially as it was independently released).

Highlight of the album – Blood Addiction

Rating: 7.5/10

Track listing:

1. Sultana Masquerader
2. The Tower
3. Genocide
4. Blood Addiction
5. Dark Knight
6. Rapehound
7. End of Daylight
8. Enemy Within
9. Dead Friends
10. Stigmata

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Current Members:
James Buhs (vocals), P.J. (lead guitar), Scott Aquino (drums), Kenny (bass)

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