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Since their formation in 1976, Brian Tatler still stands at the helm of the good ship Diamond Head, flying the flag for NWOBHM on their latest self titled studio album.

Diamond Head

The name Rasmus Bom Andersen may not be familiar with most rock/metal fans but since joining legendary NWOBHM band Diamond Head in 2014 as their lead singer, his debut European tour with them fired up the band enough to want to work on a new studio album, their 7th since Whats In Your Head from 2007. The new self titled album will be released on March 11th 2016 available via the band’s website at www.diamond-head.net/. The CD will retail at £10.00 and a limited number of 500 vinyl copies are £15. Digital download formats will be available from all mainstream stores.

Opener ‘Bones’ is strangely enough like a more uptempo ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ as the fist clenching main riff is backed up by the first howling vocal from Rasmus. The thundering rhythm section propel things onto lead guitarist Brian Tatler (who founded Diamond Head way back in 1976) who lets rip with a shimmering hammer on/off solo. Other highlights are ‘Shout At The Devil’ which has NWOBHM stamped all over the riffs. Rumbling grooves and long, lung busting vocal notes keep the quality to a maximum.

I heard these 2 opening numbers when Diamond Head headlined Wildfire Festival last year and noted at the time how they fitted in easily amongst the older songs. ‘Set My Soul On Fire’ has an almost industrial like pounding throughout. The guitar solo precedes a shift into a higher gear as the vocals build from a measured snarl to a spine tingling higher register. The punk rock like intro to ‘See You Rise’ progresses into a heavy rumble with another high octane guitar solo midway. An atmospheric string section and acoustic intro to ‘All The Reason You Live’ lead into mid paced chugging riffs as strings return for the choruses. Brian’s laid back solo compliments the pace as Karl Wilcox’s drums dominate the heavy climax.

The AC/DC like powerchords in ‘Speed’ crash in between the wiry riffs with a guitar solo to sum up the songs title. The laid back riffs and a vocal tour de force make ‘Blood On My Hands’ a contender for song of the album but this is left to album closer ‘Silence’, a 6 minute long string drenched Zeppelin like beast that has to be heard to be believed. The classically heavy midsection is the icing on the cake. To call it stunning does not even scratch the surface.

Diamond Head will begin an 11 date European tour on April 22nd 2016 and I look forward to hearing more of the album when they headline a NWOBHM festival at Northwich Memorial Centre on April 30th supported by Salem, Witchfynde and Spartan Warrior.

Diamond Head band line up :-

Brian Tatler – Lead/rhythm guitars.

Rasmus Bom Andersen – Vocals.

Karl Wilcox – Drums.

Eddie Moohan – Bass guitar.

Andy Abberlry – Rhythm/lead guitars.

Album track listing : –


Shout At The Devil.

Set My Soul On Fire.

See You Rise.

All The Reason You Live.

Wizard’s Sleeve.

Our Time Is Now.


Blood On My Hands.




Since their formation in 1976, Brian Tatler still stands at the helm of the good ship Diamond Head, flying the flag for NWOBHM on their latest self titled studio album.

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