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Superb second album from a band to watch

diariesofahero-400x400Formed in the heart of London in 2010, Diaries Of A Hero feature: Carlo Del Favero lead vocals and guitar, Jonathan Weeks on guitar, Matteo Bevilaqua bass and backing vocals and Leonard Berisha on drums.
Diaries Of A Hero brought a whole new game to the British alternative metalcore scene when they released their debut album “Behind the mask”, and this new release, confusingly called “Diaries Of A Hero” see’s the band take a significant step forward in their songwriting skills, there sound is characterized by an inner balance between clean and screaming vocals, a solid rhythmic section and a perfect mix of sustained guitar lines, aggressive riffs and smooth solos.
It was recorded in Croatia last winter and mastered by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney.

While this reviewer tends to shy away from screaming vocals, I felt I had to give this a fair crack of the whip as they had opened for Motorhead and Anthrax European tour back in 2012 and I had heard a track by them called “Brother” which I really,really liked.

Right from the off, Diaries Of A Hero set out their stall out, this new release is full of emotive, angry, sometimes melodic, and always punishing, covering ten tracks.The band is technically precise, using multi-layered vocals, one minute melodic, the next screaming, all with ease and a purpose.
The opening track “Solitude” really is a stunning track, full of pent up anger.
Other stand out tracks include “Throne” which contains some modern-progressive style precision in the instrumental passage, very competent and confident playing, this could be a live classic.
Mr Angry rears his head again on “Scarwhores” and “Highschool Funeral” which is as fucked up as the title suggests.
“Victims of Chaos” is a real skull cracker with Berisha giving his double bass a severe beating, one that however is skillfully executed.
The best track though for me has to be “Brother”. This features the only real change of tempo on the album, the guys take things down a notch and nearly end up in Linkin Park territory, a great way to finish the cd with a bit of a curved ball. It proves they are not afraid to experiment, and this could even hint of the direction the 3rd album could take.

Carlo Del Favero – Vocals / Guitar
Jonathan Weeks – Guitar
Matteo Bevilaqua – Bass / Backing Vocals
Leonard Berisha – Drums

Track List:
01. Intro
02. Solitude
03. Manimal
04. J5
05. Throne
06. Scarwhores
07. High School Funeral
08. Get Away
09. Victims Of Chaos
10. Neurda
11. Brother

The first single from the album is Solitude.

To celebrate the release of their new album Diaries Of A Hero have released a new video for the single “J5”.


Superb second album from a band to watch

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