DIARIES OF A HERO set to release new album in May

Diaries Of A Hero will release their self-titled second album “Diaries Of Hero” on 26th May 2014, via German label Dust On The Tracks. The record will be available on CD and on digital format, via iTunes and Amazon mp3 outlets.

The new album sees the band taking a significant step forward in their songwriting; this record displays an array of compact sounds blended into a homogeneous style that shows the band’s path towards musical maturity.

Diaries of a Hero’s sound is characterised by an inner balance between clean and screaming vocals, solid rhythmic section and a perfect mix of sustained guitar lines, aggressive riffs and smooth solos.

“Diaries of a Hero” was recorded in Croatia last winter and mastered by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney.

From the blend of different cultures Diaries Of A Hero bring a whole new game to the British alternative metal scene. Formed in the heart of London in 2010, Diaries Of A Hero feature: Carlo Del Favero (leading vocals and guitar), Jonathan Weeks (guitar), Matteo Bevilaqua (bass and backing vocals) and Leonard Berisha (drums).

In 2012 Diaries Of A Hero hit the road with Motörhead and Anthrax touring both the UK and Europe. The band also played at the Rock & Metal Circus Festival and at the Hard Rock Hell Festival, with the likes of The Quireboys, Wolf and Revoker.

Track List:
1. Intro
Diaries Of A Hero logo2. Solitude
3. Manimal
4. J5
5. Throne
6. Scarwhores
7. High School Funeral
8. Get Away
9. Victims Of Chaos
10. Neurda
11. Brother


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