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On November 23, 2014
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This is a great debut from a band with a whole heap of talent, full of well crafted songs, that are themselfs full of headbanging riffs that deserves a bigger audience. Buy it.

Die-No-More-Front-Cover-Artwork-600x600Finally I have the time to review the debut album from Penrith based metal band Die No More. (You really do not want to know the amount of cd’s I have on my desk for review )
It has been quite a journey for these guys, having changed the band’s name from Dynamo to Die No More, the band felt a name change was required due to foreseeable issues with the magician Dynamo.They also signed to Raz White Entertainment, who was then instrumental in getting the band signed to Manchester based Rocksector records.

There are eight tracks on here, ( the 9th track is a radio edit of track 1 ) up from the four they debuted on the Blueprint EP released back in September 2013.
Die No More play Thrash, nothing more, nothing less, however they do it with panache.
I had heard that Singer and guitar player Marc Farquhar sounds like James Hetfield, I totally disagree, Marc vocal style as well as his range is nothing like James, though they sing in a similar style. However the music does give more than a nod to early bay area thrash.
Sounding good so far?
After an eerie 60 second instrumental, the opening track ‘Dark World’ hits you full on with grumbling bass, tasty power chords and bags of attitude from singer Marc Farquhar, a simple yet effective opener, stating the bands intent and direction.
‘Soul Destroyer‘ is not that different in texture and style, yet the substance to this track is much more than ‘Dark World’, a far better track in every way
Another moody instrumental lays the foundations for ‘Absentia’ before it really kicks off heading into doom/sludge territory with its slow and heavy song structure, however a easy melody takes over before finishing with a speedy guitar solo, and just when you’ve deciding to replay that last track again, up pops ‘Council Of War’ starting off with a slow, and easy beat before a great Thrash riff takes over. Smith is on fire on this track, full of inventive guitar work.
Another gentle beginning on ‘One In The Chamber’ is accompanied by a higher fret lead riff. The rhythm on this, while all the time is thumping along changes throughout the track from Thrash to almost melodic operatic at times. An acoustic ending brings this track to a triumphant close.
‘Connection Lost’ has a nice galloping rhythm too it, but once again the track is brought to life with Marc’s vocals and Kevin’s lead work.
‘Blood In The Veins’ opens with a nifty bass line before the heavy riffs join in. More traditional in its approach, with the powerful rhythm section of Martyn and Steve taking more of a lead role on this track, that is until Kev storms the gates with another of his blistering solo’s.
Ending track, and my favorite on the album is the closer ‘Oblivious’, is a fast paced thrasher with a soaring guitar solo from the outset, there’s great melody and structure to this song, an excellent way to leave you wanting more, and you get more, as track number 9 is a radio edit of the first track, minus the intro.
If comparisons need to be drawn, then I will shy away from the Metallica influence, as it really isn’t here,( at least not obviously) and I would go for the early masters of British thrash, Xentrix. This is one of the best British Thrash records I have heard in a long time.Buy it.

1. Dark World
2. Soul Destroyer
3. Absentia
4. Council Of War
5. One In The Chamber
6. Connection Lost
7. Blood In The Veins
8. Oblivious.
9. Dark World ( Radio Edit )

Marc Farquhar – Vocals/Guitar
Kev Smith – Lead Guitar
Martyn Simpson – Bass
Steve Orchiton – Drums.


“Elected Evil” is out now on Rocksector Records


This is a great debut from a band with a whole heap of talent, full of well crafted songs, that are themselfs full of headbanging riffs that deserves a bigger audience. Buy it.

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