Diementia Interview, June 2013

Soon to be playing at this year’s Les Fest, I chatted to Diementia to see why they’re looking forward to playing there.


There are only a couple of weeks now until Les Fest in Scotland, how excited are you about playing there?

It’s going to be first and foremost a tremendous celebration of the local metal and rock scene here in Scotland.  The fact that we’ve been deemed to be an integral part of this and getting the chance to play to what’s looking like a sellout festival crowd is going to be an incredible experience.



What is it that you’re most looking forward to?

Honestly?  Probably Evile’s set on the Friday night :)

Seriously though, we’re looking forward to getting into the festival spirit, mixing with the other bands, getting to know them.  It doesn’t just become a music festival but also a chance to network if you’ll pardon the business bull.  You make new friends, you hopefully work together for new gigs in new locations



This is the second year of Les Fest and the first time playing there, do you know what to expect?

Given we’re local there was an awful lot of coverage of last year’s festival not just from some of the music press but also from the bands here in Scotland that we know and have played with.  We’re expecting it to be a relaxed festival where fans and bands alike are all out to have a great time



Why did you want to play Les Fest? What feedback have you heard from last year’s Les Fest?

Les Fest is doing something that hasn’t been seen in Scotland for a long time.  It’s giving bands from this neck of the woods a chance to showcase their talents and songs to what will hopefully be a whole new audience.



Can you explain how your band began?

Jason and Ricky had been playing in covers bands and got sick fed up of playing other folks songs.  In 2008 they decided they had had enough and Diementia was born.



What’s been one of the biggest highlights so far?

Probably opening the Saturday at Beermageddon last year.  Jim Beerman (of top rock radio) has given us a ton of support that we’re very grateful for and playing his festival was just nuts.



For those going to Les Fest who may not have seen you play before, could you describe your music?

We like to class ourselves as melodic death metal but there are nods to that old school heavy metal vibe throughout.  We’ve had this current lineup in place for only about four or five months, so anyone coming to see us will see a much more heavy, more aggressive and more entertaining Diementia at the festival



If you could choose one Diementia song to encourage everyone to come and see your set, what would it be?

Probably Cracked (check it out on our youtube channel) or Ravaged By Fire – both off our Forgotten Dead EP that’s available on diementia1.bandcamp.com

They pretty much sum up what we’re about



Do you have anything special planned for your set?

Given the time we’ve got to play it’s going to be a set full of ferocity, delivered at breakneck pace.  We’re hoping to have a new song getting its first airing from our forthcoming EP



How are you traveling up to the festival? Do you have any eventful road trip stories when you’ve travelled to festivals?

We’re lucky that the festival is less than an hour away from us, so it’s not really the longest road trip in history :)

The journey down to Beermageddon last year was a complete blast as we took a few fans down with us.  You know what they say though, “What goes on tour, stays on tour” so we’re sworn to secrecy :P



Is there anything you would like to say to those who are going to Les Fest?

Have a blast, stay safe, party hard, come and see us on the Friday (there’s no clashes so there’s no excuse :P), mosh, go crazy, most importantly come up and speak to us and tell us if you loved our stuff or hated it (but really, what’s to hate?)

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