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On 20 November 2018
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Mind blowing Doom driven music, utterly hypnotic




French sonic landscape gardeners Dirge return to the fore with a new album entitled ‘Lost Empyrean’


Some bands are just simply born with it, flowing through their very DNA, things just seem to click into place so easily. Dirge fall into that category, making the most technical and challenging music seem, well, sans effort


As soon as the sludging riffs of album opening track ‘Wingless Multitudes’ kick in, you know you are in for a musical journey, indeed, the whole album is so multi layered that to digest it all in one listen is just not going to happen. The desperate and pained vocals scream out verses of hopelessness and melancholy , whilst the cacophony of sludge driven guitars leave you huddled in the corner, rocking back and forth to a desolate rhythm. Tracks such as ‘The Burden Of Almost’ display an incredible depth of emotion, weaving as they do across landscapes of melodic torment, a theme carried to further lofty heights during the malevolent masterpiece that is ’Algid Troy’


The album binds so well, each track leading into the next with the minimum of effort, whilst still maintaining the ambience throughout. The title track itself is an utter powerhouse of a song, incredibly catchy with a great mix of vocal delivery, a superb example of how an inventive twist and tweak can totally raise the level of a composition. ’Sea Of Light’, if I was forced to pick a favourite track, would get my vote though. A Doom pace riff that knocks you flat, beating your chest with every single note, equally uplifting in places as it is forlorn, this was just one of those songs that had me close my eyes, lay back and drift away to, pure Heaven (or Hell)


With ’Lost Empyrean’, Dirge have delivered in a momentous way, an album that is simply faultless. This deserves to be at the top of every Doom fans wanted list, highly recommended


Check Out Track – Lost Empyrean



Track Listing ;

1. Wingless Multitudes
2. Hosea 8:7
3. Algid Troy
4. The Burden Of Almost
5. Lost Empyrean
6. A Sea Of Light
7. Sarracenia

Band Line Up ;

Marc T – Guitars, Vocals and Programming
Stephane L – Guitars, Vocals and Programming
Alain B – Drums
Luz – Bass

‘Lost Empyrean’ sees its release on the 14th of December through Debemur Morti Productions

http://Official Website


. Bandcamp



Mind blowing Doom driven music, utterly hypnotic

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