DIRTY SHIRT all set for European Freak Show Tour + release new video ‘Trust Me’

Dirty Shirt Euro nov 2014DIRTY SHIRT are one of the most active and original rock bands in Romania and winner of 2nd prize at WACKEN METAL BATTLE 2014. Its unique style derives from the combination of rock/metal with various other musical elements: Romanian folk music, funk, electro, world music, etc.

The FREAK SHOW TOUR (more than 70 shows) started in April 2013 after the release of “FREAK SHOW”, an album acclaimed by the European press and public. After the tour, the band will focus on finishing their next album “DIRTYLICIOUS,” a very ambitious musical project that mixes the rock/metal sound with elements of East-European traditional music. The taraf (traditional music band) called TARNSYLVANIAN FOLKCORE ORCHESTRA (violin, cimbalom, clarinet, accordion, percussion and acoustic guitars) also participated in the recording of the album.

Tour Dates:

13/11 Replugged, Wien (A) Info & tickets: http://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/17491/chk/6ce5

14/11 Bremer Metal Fest, BluesClub, BREMEN (D) Info & tickets: http://www.local-radio.de/

15/11 JC Blanko, EMMEM (NL) Info & tickets: http://www.blanko-emmen.nl/events/progressive-metal-mindsoul-dirtyshirt/

16/11 Le Garage, Liège (B) Info & tickets: https://www.yesgolive.com/dirty-shirt/liege

17/11 Underground, Koln (D) Info & tickets: http://www.downfallbooking.bigcartel.com/product/coming-soon-2

18/11 El Diablo, Lille (FR) Info & tickets: https://www.yesgolive.com/dirty-shirt/lille

19/11 Le Klub, Paris (FR) Info & tickets: https://www.yesgolive.com/dirty-shirt/paris

20/11 Brin de Zinc, Chambéry (FR) Info & tickets: https://www.yesgolive.com/dirty-shirt/chambery

21/11 L’Ampérage, Grenoble (FR) Info & tickets: https://www.yesgolive.com/le-stud-lamperage/freak-show-tour

22/11 Korigan, Aix en Provence (FR) Info & tickets: http://www.digitick.com/dirty-shirt-toumai-ghouls-stone-valley-lekorigan-aix-luynes-concert-le-korigan-22-novembre-2014-css4-digitick-pg101-ri2758069.html

Official Videos including “Trust Me“, new lyric video:

Music: https://dirtyshirt.bandcamp.com/
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/dirtyshirtoriginal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DirtyShirtRomania
Official site : www.dirty-shirt.com

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