Disaffected “Rebirth” cd.


If ever an album title could be deemed as apt for a band then this surely is it. Formed in Portugal in early 1991 Disaffected released a few demos whilst tinkering with the line up before releasing the full length album “Vast” in 1995, an album which still stands as a bench mark in Portuguese metal history. Alas the curse of line up comings and goings led to the band calling a sad halt on proceedings in 1997.
2006 saw the band take stock and decide to try again, culminating in the release of “Rebirth” after signing a worldwide deal with Germany’s Massacre Records.
If truth be told, I’m always a tad dubious when bands try to reanimate themselves, the phrase ‘flogging a dead horse’ springs to mind. However I’m genuinely pleased that these guy’s decided to kick start the band as this album is damn good.
A complex mix of Prog, Death, Doom and Experimental Metal to satisfy the most discerning of Metal palates and weighing in at not far short of 70 minutes to boot, it bears testament to the bands commitment to make a real go of things this time around. The jaw dropping complexity and composition of tracks such as “Evilution Within” says volumes about the bands technical ability whilst the stripped down piano solo of “Miracle Dance” displays a haunting passion which stabs at the emotions. In places the sound reminds me of Scar Symmetry with a touch of Meshuggah thrown in for good measure, the track “Our Will” being a prime example. And yet Disaffected seem to be able to change and adapt the whole album to great effect, managing to avoid monotony and stagnation by producing a really hard hitting and thought provoking album.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing.
1. Mankwala (intro)
2. C.ult O.f M.y A.shes
3. Getting Into The Labyrinth.
4. Dreaming III (A Nightmare)
5. Evilution Within.
6. Miracle Dance.
7. Our Will.
8. Hypnotic Prophecy.
9. The Rebirth Of…
10. 1460 Steps To Divine.
11. Arrival (Outro).


Disaffected are;
Sergio Paulo – Guitars, Flute and French Horn.
Antonio Giao. – Bass.
Octavio Custodio. – Drums and Backing Vocals.
Rodrigo Domingues. – Keyboards.

Out now via Massacre Records.



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