Drowning Pool, Fozzy & Revoker – 24th April 2013

revokerThe night kicked off with Welsh band Revoker.  With their gear set up in front of the headliners the stage was very cramped – as the band came out I genuinely thought the guitarist was going to fall off the stage as he squeezed past the drumkit , it really was that cramped.  Once they started playing though they didn’t let the cramped conditions bother them at all as they put in a very impressive performance.  I hadn’t listened to anythign by them before, but was very impressed by their performance tonight

Revoker setlist:

The Great Pretender
Hands of Justice
Stay Down
Born To Be An Outlaw

Next up were Fozzy, the band fronted by American wrestler Chris Jericho.  They’re a very entertaining band to watch – I’d expected them to be pretty much Chris Jericho plus backing musicians but that’s not the case – while he may stride around the stage, he is not the sole centre of attention as the rest of the band also move around a lot, headband furiously, and generally put in entertaining performances as well as playing well.  The music was good hard rock and went down very well with the crowd. Another great performance.

Fozzy setlist:

Spider In My Mouth
Pray for Blood
Inside My Head
She’s My Addiction
God Pounds His Nails
Shine Forever
Whitechapel 1888 / To Kill a Stranger
Sin And Bones
Martyr No More
Blood Happens


Finally came headliners Drowning Pool.  OK technically it was billed as a co-headline tour but since Drowning Pool closed the show every night then they were the headliners as far as I’m concerned.  Musically they weren’t my taste, but they were a pleasure to watch as they put in a superb performance and did what I thoguht was impossible in a venue where the temperatures were around those you’d expect in a Sauna – they had the crowd going crazy.  A really impressive high energy performance to end the night.

Drowning pool setlist:

Step Up
Die For Nothing
37 Stitches
Told You So
Tear Away
One Finger And A Fist
Saturday Night
Feel Like I Do

drowning pool

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