Eden’s Curse, Classic Grand Glasgow, 28/11/14

Friday was a big night for Eden’s Curse, as they recorded their new album live at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. Not many bands have the honour of being introduced onto stage by Scottish rock radio legend Tom Russell, but there he was, with some words of wisdom for the crowd. He told them Eden’s Cursee are not an X Factor style wannabe, they’ve done things the right way. They wrote some songs, they made an album, toured, wrote some more songs, made an album, toured, and now they are starting to reap the rewards. Tom’s words were proved correct as the band commented more than once about how loud the crowd was, and seemed genuinely blown away by the reaction they got from the fans.

Coldspell 1First though, the show was opened by ColdSpell. They came on stage to an almost empty venue, but within minutes the people milling around the merch and bar areas had made their way to the stage and by the time they were finished they had made a lot of new fans. Their singer has a great voice, and the bass player was clearly having a whale of a time, throwing the devil horns and posing for photographers every chance he got, while roaring about how much fun it was to be in Glasgow. They received extended cheers and applause from the enthusiastic crowd at the end of their set. Hopefully it won’t be long until we see this Swedish band back in Scotland. Highlights included One in a Million and Paradise, but there really wasn’t a moment in the set where they allowed the tempo to drop.

Tom RussellAfter Tom Russell’s introduction Eden’s Curse made their entrance one by one, with Steve Williams waving his arms and encouraging the crowd to get louder and louder as each member arrived on stage. As Glasgow native, bass player Paul Logue made his entrance the volume raised a few decibels, and when singer Nikola Mijic launched into Symphony of Sin the crowd started to sing along at the top of their lungs. From that point on the energy never wavered, as the band tore through the set without stopping for breath. Nikola’s full of beans, bouncing, clapping, shadow boxing, and using every inch of available space on the stage. As the men in the background, Steve Williams on keyboards and John Clelland on drums are rarely seen, but provide the vital backbone of Eden’s Curse Along with Logue on bass they keep things going while Nik’s voice and the guitar work of Thorsten Koehne give the band its soul. Thorsten can play with his eyes shut, probably with his hands tied behind his back. Nikola is a relatively new member of the band, but sings old songs and new with equal passion and makes them all sound as if they were written with his voice in mind.

Edens Curse 5The album is to be released in March, and is as yet untitled. Fans can visit the bands Facebook page to make their suggestions as to what they think it should be called. Whatever they decide to go with, if it captures the energy of the gig, and if the songs sound as good as they did last night, it’ll be a hit. Highlights for me included Devil in Disguise, Evil and Divine, which is just a brilliant song, and Just Like Judas. For me these are the songs that sum up what Edens Curse is all about. They are five guys from five different countries and yet they have a dedication to this band, and to their style of melodic rock. They work really hard and as Tom Russell said, they are starting to reap the rewards. Fans had travelled to this gig from some very far flung places, including Japan, and I’m sure they are all glad they made the trip. With this relatively small but dedicated hard core of fans behind them, and a live performance of this quality I can’t see any scenario in which Eden’s Curse don’t continue to go from strength to strength.



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