ENCHANTYA, an interview with the rising stars of female fronted Metal

I was lucky enough to grab a chat with vocalist Rute Fevereiro to discuss the bands history, current album and much much more.


Firstly, many thanks for taking time to speak to us here at Planetmosh.Take us back to the beginning for Enchantya, you formed in 2004,
how did the band get together?


Enchantya began firstly as my solo project during a pause from Black
Widows. It was just me, my voice, my guitar and my computer. After some
songs  were written I decided to look for musicians to play it but with time
it felt good to have their input in the songs so we became a band.


The musical style is very orchestral and operatic in its sound, how do
you approach combining that with the Metal elements?


It happens spontaneously because we have different musical tastes but we
all love metal. The first songs were based on keyboards and those are
for sure more orchestral, but the idea is to play whatever we like.


The vocals as well are very wide ranging, at one end we have operatic
and then at the other end of the scale a full on growl. How
difficult is it to switch from one to the other?


For me it’s quite easy actually. I’ve developed my own technique of
singing both types of vocalizations, and it requires a special warming
up, and the usual requirements for having healthy vocal chords.


Moving on to the new album ‘Dark Rising’, how long was the album in the


I could say it took us a couple of years to compose the songs and other
two years to pre produce and record it.


Were there songs from the earlier days that you revisited and reworked
for ‘Dark Rising’ or did you approach it with all fresh material?


Yes, we have 4 songs from the early days that we really liked and
reworked them, but apart from that the album has new songs that were
written by the band with its present line up (except for guitarist Bruno
Prates who came to the band after the album was recorded).


Signing with Massacre Records must have been a big moment for the band,
how did that come about?


It was amazing indeed. We only sent 13 promo packs to labels and we
got 3 affirmative answers. Massacre Records stood with the best offer
and we were really happy about that. It feels really great the
recognition of your hard work and the chance to show it to the world.


What are your plans for touring , have you any shows lined up?


For the moment we have the concert to release the “Dark Rising” here in
Portugal, on the 16th of November. It will have special guests: Luis
Fernandes (who recorded and wrote the keyboards for this album), Claudio
Panta Nunes ( a well known cellist in Portugal), Tear from famous
portuguese Doom band Desire who will be singing “Clad in Black” with me,
and also the Dancers from Paula Manso’s Dance Academy. We hope to
present a wonderful show. Apart from that we’ve been offered some
invitations for playing and we’re booking some concerts. To know more
about our concerts please check: www.facebook.com/enchantya


Do you see it as a challenge to be able to bring the songs to the
stage,how difficult is it to get the Enchantya album sound into the live


It’s not difficult because we play with keyboard and choir samples and
on the click. As long as we all respect the metronome and work with our
sound tech, Ricardo Queluz, who knows our music it all goes well.


Are you already thinking about the next project, have you any ideas for
new material?


Definitely, we have already some songs we’re working on. For me it feels
like Christmas eve because I love to make new songs, to try vocal lines,
it’s my favourite thing. The next album will have more balance between
the rhythm section and the orchestral parts.


Everywhere in the EU (and the UK) people are finding things very tough
at the minute, how hard is it to produce the music and yet still be
able to pay the bills?


It’s not easy I must say, but when you want something really bad and
when you believe in yourself, in your band, you always find a way of
making it, of recording, of promoting. I truly believe that only the
strong survive.


Finally, describe Enchantya to those that may not have come across the
band as of yet and tell us what we can expect from the band in 2013.


Enchantya is a band that only plays and composes songs with emotion,
with rage, anger, sadness, gratitude and passion. We will take you within
yourself. Watch out!
For 2013, we hope to promote our band with concerts and also to prepare
the pre production for our new album.


Once again, many thanks for your time, we wish you all success in the


The album ‘Dark Rising’ out now via Massacre Records.





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