Eric Bell – Interview, November 2015 – PlanetMosh Exclusive

There are very few people to whom the term “living legend” genuinely can be applied.  In terms of terms of the Irish music scene, one man who definitely, and deservedly, fits that description is Eric Bell, one of the founding members of the equally legendary Thin Lizzy.

PlanetMosh was invited backstage to chat with the affable and humble guitarist at what was supposed to be the Belfast launch show for his new album, ‘Exile’.  As we found out, the recording of the album hasn’t quite gone according to plan… In this exclusive interview, Eric also talked openly and honestly about the formative years of Thin Lizzy, his memories of Phil Lynott, his desire to see a permanent memorial to his fellow Belfast-born guitarist Gary Moore, how he had to rebuild his career from virtually nothing just two decades ago – and a certain side project which saw the Lizzy men putting out an album of Deep Purple covers!

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