Extreme Overload Part II – Milkwood Jam Swansea – 30/04/2011 (Gig)

Extreme Overload Part II

This is only the second time I’ve been to this venue since it changed from an illegal all night drinking club (before they had 24 hour licences). It’s fairly small but it has a good PA system. They are usually known for their blues and open mic nights but they have hosted some of WannaC promotions events before. Unfortunately, not many people bothered to come and see this tonight, which was a shame. Tickets were only £8 on the door which is not going to break the bank. The event was in aid of the George Best Foundation.


Moongazer are a folk rock band from Swansea. Their influences include The Pogues and The Waterboys which was obvious as soon as they started. They sounded really good and their style makes excellent drinking music. They went down really well with the crowd.


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Psycho Kiss

Psycho Kiss are a female fronted four piece rock band from Swansea. According to their myspace page they have a new member on rhythm guitar but he wasn’t playing tonight. They had a really good sound, even though they broke a snare drum early on into the set. They have a mix of heavy rock with a bit of alternative thrown in and went down well.


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White Dice

White Dice are a 3 piece pop rock band from Swansea. They sounded a bit like a heavier version of Mcfly but not to the extent that they didn’t leave me with the urge to attack them with a cricket bat. They are good at what they do but are not my thing. They did get a response from the crowd but it did need a little prompting. This is probably due to them being a bit too soft for this crowd.


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Echoes Of The Dead

Echoes Of The Dead are a four piece metal band that has formed out of the ashes of Dead Against The Rest. Having only formed at the beginning of the year, you can see that these guys have been playing together for a while. The heaviest band so far, they sounded really good even though the singer had a broken rib due to “ arsing about last week”.


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Hang Fire

A four piece heavy rock band from South Wales with ex-Tigertailz drummer Matt Blackout on drums. These guys sound really good. It shows that they have been playing together for a while. Part of the way through the set they introduce the members including “Nikki Sixx’s better looking brother” on base. They also introduce their guitarist Lizzy who is completely blind. They only point this out so that we’re not surprised if “the little fucker falls off the stage”.


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Just before they arrived on stage one of the crowd had brought a full crayon costume which Neil Buchanan said was “dedication”. As you would expect from a band with their experience, they were excellent. Neil was a bit put out when a woman in the crowd told him that her mum fancies him. He changed his mind when she said that she was an ex-catwalk model, so he told us to talk amongst ourselves while he found out more. The rest of the band told him to “shut the fuck up, we’ve got a gig to play”. The band thanked everyone for support over the last 15 years.


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