Fahran Live at the Chequers Inn

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Rock group Fahran did a double live gig tonight ( 15-3-14 ). Once on ArFm radio playing an acoustic set in the studio, then they rushed over to The Chequers Inn, Breaston to play a full gig in front of a packed house. Running just a little late the guys soon got into their groove and began quite literllary one of the  hottest gigs I,ve been too!! Although the Chequers is not a big venue they made the very best of the space available and gave the waiting crowd a brilliant high octane show to remember. It was hot, REAL HOT! Sticky, misty (fog machine) and the stage was filled by a dimly lit, moody lighting set up. Included in the show were some tracks from the soon to be released new album ‘Chasing Hours.



BOOM!! They kicked off the night with ‘Silver Scene‘ a massive heavy rock song that woke up anyone who was thinking they’d come out for a quite night down the pub. A good start to get things warmed up, I really liked the mid way guitar riffs on this one. Both Matt and the guys put down some pretty mean vocals, and the harmony’s were spot on. ‘Cynics And Dreamers‘ was the next song, closely followed by ‘The Vagrant ‘ and ‘Take This City Alive‘. A particular favorite of mine! Very commercial and an ideal song for any national radio station to have on their play list. You can just feel the power and emotion that this track gives off.




I can’t really give you a run down of every single track as at my last count the guys performed 19 songs !!! So i,m just going to skim over the surface and hope you can get a feel for what the night was like. You never know, you might just get off that sofa and go see them?


Matt Black




Another Way‘, again this is one real heavy rock tune. Well set out and composed, it sort of snook up on me as I thought we were going to get a quite rock ballad with the way the lads started it off. Not a chance, it nearly blew my ears out! Brilliant !!! I love those sneaky songs. Now half way through this massive set the guys took a back step and unleashed their deadly secret weapon. JR or ( Josh Windsor ) to be exact, Fahran’s long blonde haired demon drummer. He took over the stage to give one hell of a drum solo which was absolutely outstanding, and if we hadn’t all been standing already, he would have got a standing ovation. He nearly brought the whole house down!


Stay Alive‘ another track that I really liked. It took me back to my youth! I liked the riffs, beat, bass lines, in fact the whole bloody song. These guys really know how to put together some rockin tunes.  Finishing off this one and a half hour gig, the group that is Fahran closed the event with ‘Ashes‘. “From these ashes we rise ” well this has been one Phoenix that dances in the flames of rock and roll and is only destined to get hotter and hotter.



Band Members…..

Matt Black-Lead Vocals https://www.facebook.com/mattblackvocalist

Jake Graham-Guitar, Backing Vocals  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=736688000

JR Windsor-Drums http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=710016881

Joshua Ballantyne-Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals https://www.facebook.com/jablesthewhite?fref=ts

Chris Byrne-Guitar, Backing Vocals http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1322265758


Set List…..

Silver Scene

Cynics Dreamers

The Vagrant

Take This City Alive


I heard A Joke Once

Bittersweet History

You Could Be Mine

We See Right Through You

Cased In Steel

Long Gone

Chasing Hours


Black Mirror

Storms We Ride

Stay Alive

A Thousand Nights





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