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Falling Red – Manchester Club Academy 23/06/12 Live Review

Since December 2011; sleaze rockers Falling Red have visited the city of Manchester three times, and with each visit absolutely blown the roof off every venue they have played. This time hitting up the Manchester Club Academy, Falling Red is back with their new and improved line-up, supported by local bands: Easing the Agony, Asedya and Grim Architect, and by god was it one hell of a show. If you didn’t manage to get down to this gig or any shows on this tour – then you missed one of the UK’s hottest emerging straight up rock bands at the top of their game.

First up tonight is Easing the Agony [8.5/10] who are so close to stealing the show. Although they are running at a 15 minute delay due to a massive cock up with security and events we won’t go into, the minute they hit the stay, shit goes down. Their stage presence is massive with vocalist Ryan Tracy and bassist Jordan Foster bouncing up and down – throwing themselves around the stage like toddlers on red bull. They have such a tight and professional sound on stage, flying through brilliant covers of ‘Crows’ by While She Sleeps and ‘Suicide Season’ by Bring me the Horizon which are clear crowd pleasers, erupting the Academy into a sea of headbanging and a frenzy of hardcore dancing and insane pitting.

This may only be the bands 4th gig, but it is clear from their original tracks ‘Let You Go’ and ‘Your Last Breath’ that Easing the Agony aren’t messing around and they mean business. There are elements of metalcore, deathcore and even sparks of Djent in their music, adding interest and a touch of new life into this overly congested scene. Big powerful riffs, driving rhythm sections and an impressive onslaught of brutal vocal lines are what make an Easing the Agony live set. They are one killer metal band who has a prosperous future certain for them!


Asedya [6/10] are up next and they are by far the weirdest band up tonight. Despite the obvious age difference between each of the members – with a slick middle aged bassist who looks like someone out of YES and beautiful and talented vocalist Trixie who is in her early twenties, Asedya have a clear mix of genres in their songs, sounding like what would happen if Hayley Williams of Paramore fronted the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. There is so much groove and punch in their songs, being gritty and heavy at points, and melodic and easy on the ear in other parts. Tracks like ‘1 Out Of 10’, ‘Bruce Wayne’, ‘It’s Complicated’ (Which is apparently about a stalker) and the luscious vocal harmony driven pump of ‘Third Degree’ are all songs that have Trixie dancing around the stage and shaking her bootee along to them. There is nothing wrong with Asedya musically, but it’s just a shame that a lot of their material sounds quite similar. Something more experimental and different is what Asedya need in their repertoire, and the minute they write something like this, Asedya will begin their ascent into the big league.


Although this is Falling Red’s [9/10] headlining tour, it’s odd to find out that tonight they are main support to Grim Architect but yet get a longer set than the Manchester based three piece. Opening with ‘Thrive’ and playing a lot more songs off of their debut album Shake the Faith that usual, Falling Red are a band who are at the top of their game, putting all they got into the music and ensuring that everybody watching them has one hell of a time. Although the sleaze rock four piece only get a 45 minute set due to problems earlier on in the night, the mood is not dampened and tracks such as ‘Out of Control’, ‘If You Ain’t Down With the Rock’ and ‘Come on Down’ all thankfully make the set.


Falling Red has such an explosive stage presence which is capable of filling the smallest, dingiest club to the largest and grandest arena stage, showing just how much introducing new guitarist Jayde Starr and bassist Dann Marks has benefited the whole package – with both the music and the production side of the show developing and improving to make tracks such as ‘You Were Out to Get Me’ and ‘Shake the Faith’ sound massive the moment they kick in. This would have been a flawless set tonight, but due to the fact ‘Last Kiss Goodbye’ was missed out of the show and that the lads didn’t even come on for an encore, Falling Red did leave Manchester wanting more and unfortunately didn’t give it to them. The bad boys of rock n’ roll have once again dominated the north west of England, but hopefully next time they will deliver a much longer and varied set.


Although Grim Architect [8/10] should NOT be headlining tonight, they have come on leaps and bounds since Dry Bar in 2011 and are in the process of releasing of their debut EP. It is clear though from tonight’s set that it is all about their lead guitarist and vocalist who seems like he is the only member of the band who can show any emotion and move around the stage. Attracting more of an older crowd, as well as the few young girls who are at the front, Grim Architect are a straight up rock band combining ravenous guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and tuneful, melodic vocals to form a well rounded, diverse sound that appeals to everyone. If you seen Grim Architect before and thought they were a bit bland, then now is the time to give them a second chance and you will realise just how much better they have become!


Tonight has been an awesome night, with four of the best up and coming rock and metal acts performing their hearts out. Falling Red have promise Manchester that they will be back later in the year and it’s easy to predict that they will blow our ears and our minds once again!

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