Farewell, My Love have released their new album ‘Above It All’.

Arizona rockers Farewell, My Love have released their eagerly anticipated new album ‘Above It All‘. Having hit the UK for the first time in the summer of 2015 on the hugely successful British Horror Story tour with Ashestoangels and The Dead XIII; Farewell, My Love are now gearing up for the latest chapter of the band.

Farewell, My Love comment:
“Above It All is absolutely the best representation of the band we’ve written to date. We think that anyone who hears this record will literally be able to hear the blood, sweat, tears, time, & dedication that was put into it. We feel like it’s going to be one of the most diverse albums this scene has heard in the past ten years. It’s a testament to our perseverance despite everything we’ve been through as people.”

With Above It All, Farewell My Love will take listeners on a musical journey with many surprising but highly enjoyable twists and turns. Melodic intro ‘Welcome To The Beginning’ sets a dramatic tone, before ‘Burn Out The Night’ blasts out the gate only to erupt in to catchy as hell first single ‘Crazy’. Above It All hardly takes a breath as it bursts in to the theatrical and energetic trio of ‘Maybe I’, ‘Inside A Nightmare’ and ‘Make Believe’ before slowing things down for the soft beauty of ‘Last Goodbye’, ‘Above It All’ and the haunting ‘Hit Or Miss’. Closing with the soaring choruses of latest single ‘Never Stop’ and epic final track ‘Who Are You?’, Farewell, My Love leave you hungry for more.

Above It All tracklisting:

1. Welcome To The Beginning
2. Burn Out The Night
3. Crazy
4. Maybe I
5. Inside A Nightmare
6. Make Believe
7. Last Goodbye
8. Skip The Memories II
9. Above It All
10. Don’t Wait For Me
11. Hit Or Miss
12. Never Stop
13. Who Are You?

Farewell, My Love are:

Chad Kowal – Vocals
Röbby Creasey – Guitar
Charlee Conley – Bass
London Mckuffey – Guitar

Find Farewell, My Love online:

Official Site

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