Feeder, Belfast Limelight, 17/10/16

Feeder return to the live stage in support of new album, All Bright Electric. After a four year hiatus expectations are high, as evidenced by the lines of fans around the block. This is an old school touring schedule, release and tour the album as soon as possible.


Early shows at the Limelight are becoming common, the reward being support band R51. The Belfast five piece cannot be faulted on enthusiasm or shape throwing. However their brief set does not do them any favours, with no real hooks or familiarity. It feels forced.  Always a brave and vulnerable position to be in.

The venue continues to fill as they leave the stage, and it’s not long before the strains of David Bowie fill the room. Feeder come on stage to ‘Space Oddity’ and we have lift off as the audience makes itself heard.

I always admire bands who open with the unexpected, mid tempo newbie Another Day on Earth kicks off the night. This quickly segways into, Universe of Life, a real tour-de-force. This gig is going to be heavier than expected. What Feeder always do well is create a great live experience, varying the pace and volume. By no means a greatest hits set, by twenty minutes in we’ve had Renegades, a rapturous Feeling A Moment, and Pushing the Senses.


The band find their flow around Lost and Found, with Grant commenting ‘that’s more like it’ as the audience engages. New song Eskimo appears shortly after, with a heavy blues driven riff menacing the audience, who clap along. So much more powerful in a live setting than on the LP, the dynamics of Feeder’s live are marvelous to behold. The audience reciprocate and the energy from the room lifts with the familiar, with the main set ending on the twin barrels of Just the Way I’m Feeling and Buck Rogers.

The band and return for a three song encore, with Infrared-Ultraviolet opening up, whilst it may be unfamiliar to many, it really wears all of Feeder’s craft on its sleeve. Seven Days in the Sun follows up, transporting us back to more hopeful days. The set closes with a passionate singalong version of Just A Day. This is where Feeder live, on stage, risk taking and enjoying their day job.

A blistering set, mixing the past and the new, showcasing Feeder at their songwriting and emotive best. Perfect pop.

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