Forever In Debt – Deaf Centre, Chester

This was my second visit to Chester’s Deaf Centre. I like the place. I like what Dan from ‘Restless Bear Promotions’ is trying to achieve. Tonight’s offering was Forever In Debt, supported by TV Face. I interviewed Craig Twigg prior to the gig which you can watch HERE, and he dropped some shocking news that tonight would be their last gig under Forever’s name. Due to numerous line-up changes throughout Forever’s time, Craig has decided to change the band’s name to Infants. The good news is that the band will continue to play the songs that we know and love, as they have done tonight.

But first we were treated to Lancaster punk trio ‘TV Face’. Husband and wife Steve and Brigit McWade, together with drummer Jez Mort, write about (according to their website) politics, parasites and jiggly-bopsiwotsits. Founded in 2017, their music engineers a pop element with distorted guitars. Very similar to B52’s if you ask me. It’s music to tap your foot to and get yourself moving. ‘Funambulistic Man’  being a highlight for me. Powered with dual vocals and a psychedelic groove, these guys were great to watch.

As Forever In Debt take the stage, there’s an element of apprehension from me. I’ve been listening to their stuff for a while now and I know how intense it can be, and seeing them live for the first time epitomises that intensity. Their Nirvana / grunge style is nothing short of powerful. Craig’s vocals confusing, yet understandable. They are tight. They are messy in an organised way, but they churn out track after track of pure filth. It really is a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride watching these guys. Both bands are definitely ones to catch live again. Another great night at Chester Deaf Centre.

Have a listen to Infants’ new song ‘Apple Of Her Eye’ HERE.


Infants:   Spotify

TV Face:   Official Website   Facebook   Twitter   Bandcamp

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