Screaming Eagles – From The Flames

Screaming Eagles - From The FlamesOver the years rock ‘n’ roll has seen many great acts being born, from Led Zeppelin to AC/DC.  Northern Ireland has helped contribute to this process with home-grown bands such as Sweet Savage, The Answer and many more.  And now, in 2012/13 a new star is rising into the sky in the form of the Northern Irish band, Screaming Eagles with their debut 10 track album – “From The Flames”

The album jumps straight in with the band’s “balls to the wall” style with the track “All The Way”, introducing us to the powerful and gritty pipes of lead vocalist Chris Fry.

“Down To The River” gives us a taste of the band’s bluesy side, backed by a very strong rhythm section from bassist Ryan Lily and drummer Kyle Cruikshank.

The riff work of guitarist Adrian McAleernan is shown strongly throughout the album, primarily in the tracks “Fight The Fire” and “Devil In The Dust”.  Total raw passion shines through the darkness of the track “Devil In The Dust” with its chunky riffs and gritty vocals.

Numerous influences are present throughout the album, primarily an AC/DC influence which shines through strongly in the band’s rock classic “Rock ‘N’ Roll Soul”. There is a strong Rolling Stones essence within the penultimate track “Blood”, which gives us a glimpse of the rock ‘n’ roll these boys have in their veins.

This album features some of the finest production mastering you will ever hear. Recorded and produced at Railways Studios in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, the album was then sent to be mastered in California, USA – half way across the world!

Something which I particularly loved about this album is the fact that with each track the intensity level of the album just keeps growing and growing, way past 11!  There is no better way you could spend that fiver (that’s right, a fiver!) that is hiding deep within your pocket lines.  Their track “Hungry For More” almost has a hidden message to it, as every time you listen to this masterpiece, it just eaves you hungry for more.

Rating: 10/10

Track listing:
1. All The Way
2. Down The River
3. Hungry For More
4. Fight The Fire
5. Vampire
6. Devil In The Dust
7. Rock ‘N’ Roll Soul
8. One Man Revolution
9. Blood
10. Take My Time

Band lineup:
Chris Fry – Vocals
Adrian McAleenan – Guitars
Ryan Lily – Bass
Kyle Cruikshank – Drums

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