Fury interview at Hammerfest, 15 March 2012

For those of you who turned up at Stage 2 on Friday expecting to see Pagan Alter, you may have been a bit surprised to see Fury (who were called into replace them at short notice) and what a set it was.

If you haven’t see Fury before I thoroughly recommend you going to see them live.  There is something a bit old school about their music but it is combined with a certain quality that makes it very current and appealing to everyone, no matter what style of metal you prefer.

This was my first time watching Fury and though I didn’t know any of the words I was compelled to sing and shout along.  Highlights for me were ‘Dawn of Survival’ and ‘Eyes Of The Dead’.  This set offered more than enough with the very sweet sound of shredding guitars,  hard ear-splitting drums  and even, yes, a bit of moshing.

The crowd doubled throughout their set and everyone present enjoyed what they saw, even yelling for more after the last song, with the band leaving the stage to the sound of the crowd chanting ‘Fury’!

Prior to their set, I caught up with the band backstage for an impromptu interview to talk about their upcoming shows and what makes Fury the band to watch – and believe me, they are! \m/

For a list of their upcoming shows check out their website http://furyofficial.com

You can also purchase their CD’s and other merchandise at www.furyofficial.bigcartel.com as well as follow them on Facebook (www.facebook/furyofficial)


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