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FURY UK Final Manchester Show at Moho Live 8th October 2011.

From the reputation that already is of Fury UK, I knew I was in for a metal phenomenon. Creating an eerie atmosphere of excitement and wonder with a piano intro for their presence to be brought on stage. The crowds were roaring with cheers as they came on one by one with an incredible energy and professionalism.
Fury UK kicked off with their most popular song “I See Red” with hard hitting guitar rifts and outstanding clean cut vocals from Chris. Upon the set, Luke imposed impressive backing vocals with one hell of a performance, influencing the audience to join in to their seriously intricate metal hooks.
The dynamic three have a very technical instrumental style that is well balanced and tight, with catchy but meaningful lyrics. As found in “Nemesis,” a song about facing and over coming your fears.
Throughout their performance you could feel their passion for their music and their appreciation for their fans. Many had travelled from further up north to Manchester just to see them before they head off on the Iced Earth tour this October.
Each band member had their chance to shine by showing us their true musicianship. The end of “Manslaughter” brought Martin Mcnee’s drum Solo, a solo that built up to an outrageous explosion, with everyone screaming for more.
For Fury UK’s finale it brought a great evening to an epic ending. Chris came to invite the guitarist Rishi Mehta from Babylon Fire and Tom Atkinson from Vice to the stage, to join in for their cover of Iron Maiden “Fear of the Dark.” Having two extra guitarists really boosted their sound, making “Fear of the Dark” a cover that brings all other covers to shame. Fury UK a band certainly worth seeing.

Fury UK Set List.
I See Red
Call to Arms
The Remainder
Death by Lightening
Fall from Grace
Fear of the Dark

FuryUK with Lara Kisel

Review by Lara Kisel
Photos from the gig by Johnmcgibbon
Fury UK Website


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