Furyon – Interview with Matt Mitchell

Following on from our Les Fest special on Planetmosh Radio at the weekend, I spoke to Matt Mitchell (vocals) about the festival and what they were looking forward to.


There are only a couple of days now until Les Fest in Scotland, how excited are you about playing there?

Pretty stoked about it! It’s nice to be asked to play that Saturday night slot, and, we have not been up to Scotland for a little while now so it deserves a Furyon visit.


What is it that you’re most looking forward to?

Playing outside! I love playing out in the elements. Hope it’s a nice evening, weather wise haha! I’m sure the festival itself will be rockin whatever the weather!


This is the second year of Les Fest and the first time playing there, do you know what to expect?

Well, not exactly as each festival holds it’s own vibe. I’m sure it’s gonna leave a Scottish stamp on us though. Last time in Glasgow we had a blast!


Why did you want to play Les Fest? What feedback have you heard from last year’s Les Fest?

When asked about playing it was a no brainer for us really. As I said, we do love coming up to Scotland so to play Scotland’s award winning Metal Festival had to be done!  I heard it’s kept very clean … Right?


Can you explain how your band began?

Once upon a time … Haha!  We started out around 2007. Myself and my co-writer buddy Mr.Green formed Furyon out of the ashes of an old band of ours. It’s been a bit of a journey so far of course and I do believe it’s starting to find it’s feet now. Might seem silly but it feels like we’ve climbed a mountain to find a much bigger one on the other side. And now we understand what kinda effort, love and determination it takes to climb, it’s kinda settled things down and we’re able to move forward much clearer.


What’s been one of the biggest highlights so far?

I’d say the feedback we’ve had from Furyon fans all over the World. The love for our album Gravitas has been awesome!  Playing Download Festival, Bloodstock Festival. Of course HighVoltage too. Crossing the water and playing to our fans in Holland and Belgium. Many highlights.


For those going to Les Fest who may not have seen you play before, could you describe your music?

Hard hitting rock/metal songs is what we write and and passionate performance is what we try to deliver. That’s what it’s about for me.


If you could choose one Furyon song to encourage everyone to come and see your set, what would it be?

Gravitas is a journey album with many dynamics through out. The songs so vary but I would say when the band is in full swing of ‘Souvenirs’ it’s pretty intense.


Do you have anything special planned for your set?

Just to tear the arse out of it really.  Sometimes we play as a one guitar unit these days but for this it’s gonna be a two guitar show once again and we want to get the whole crowd on board with us and end the night in style together.


How are you traveling up to the festival? Do you have any eventful road trip stories when you’ve travelled to festivals?

Some driving and some flying due to different schedules.  Yeah we’ve had several roadtrip funnies.


Is there anything you would like to say to those who are going to Les Fest?

Yes! Come join us at the mainstage on the Saturday as we are gonna be having a blast! See you there.





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