Gacys Threads – Limelight 2, Belfast – Wednesday February 13th 2013

Gacys Threads - Feb 2012When Shine Promotions – best known for their activities on the local dance scene – bought over the historic Limelight complex after its previous owners went into administration, it has to be admitted that many rock fans baulked.  After all, what the fuck did a bunch of dance promoters know about running a rock venue?

A million or so quid of investment later and, despite a few niggling clitches (like early curfews on metal shows to make way for ‘student’ nights, and a couple of hard-assed bouncers with distinct attitude problems), nights like their inhouse promoted weekly Transit shows have gone some way towards restoring some faith in the new management’s assertion that keeping the venue as a live outlet is their main priority…

Being a cold mid-February Wednesday night, the crowd is extremely sparse as Bullibymon take the stage – which is a real shame as they deliver a set filled with hard-assed downbeat groove metal riffs characterised by a bottomed-out guitar sound and a rich, deep bass boom, coupled with a very progressive sound that draws obvious – and positive – comparisons with early Mastodon.

Abandcalledboy hit a problem early on, when Mark’s strap disconnects from his bass, but a bit of gaffe tape later he’s back delivering the heavy bass sound which underpins the trio’s fast-paced punkiness, which also nudges into psychedelia and doom metal in a way which is interesting and keeps the attention.

Tonight could be seen as something of a new beginning for hardcore crew Gacys Threads, as its their first gig with new bassist Jonny Munro:  the band rise to the challenge with one of the most aggressive sets I have seen them play in the many years I have been following them.  At the same time , the new songs which they premiere this evening are much more melodic in their direction, especially with Blane stepping up to the mic more and adding a adding a valuable depth to Aaron’s as-ever visceral vocal, but without losing the Gacys “fuck-you” attitude.

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