GENUS ORDINIS DEI reveal “Judgement” music video

Death metal juggernauts GENUS ORDINIS DEI reveal “Judgement” music video, Episode 6/10 from Glare of Deliverance metal music video series

Symphonic death metal juggernaut Genus Ordinis Dei has just released the sixth music video entitled “Judgement” from their critically acclaimed & highly praised concept album entitled Glare Of Deliverance. 

Full-length concept album/10-episode metal music opera video series Glare of Deliverance now available. Stream or Buy at this location / Watch the evolving video series here

Watch the new music video, ‘Judgement’ via YouTube, stream the single via SpotifyApple MusicAmazon MusicPandora, and Deezer
Genus Ordinis Dei – Judgement (official music video) Episode 6/10 of “Glare Of Deliverance”

In this episode, the story of Eleanor continues with her imprisonment and trial at The Citadel. The Bishop sits on his throne and his One Eye will decide Eleanor’s fate… The stones shall reveal the truth to The Cross… White as grace, and black as sin. Will she be forgiven, or she will pay the price of guilt? To find out, watch the new “Judgement” music video / Episode 6 from Glare Of Deliverance at this location or watch the first six episodes RIGHT NOW via the official series playlist located here and stay tuned for the remaining four episodes throughout the first half of 2021…
“When filming Judgement, it was difficult to find the right location for the shoot, says guitarist Tommaso Monticelli“Finally we discovered an abandoned village called Marone, by the Alps near Domodossola, and it had the vibe we were looking for. After finally getting permission to film there we had to walk 20 minutes on a stony path carrying a lot of equipment such as a 40-kilogram electric generator, a wooden throne, furniture, props, costumes, lighting, it was a lot! It took about 6 round trips for our whole crew but was worth it.

The church was in terrible condition and it took a lot of work to clean it and set it up for the shoot. There were dozens of little black scorpions all over the floor inside this cold, wet church which we needed to make sure we removed before we could safely film. In this episode, I played the role of The Bishop and it was a lot of fun. Alessandra and Floriana (the costume and make-up artists) helped me all day while I was wearing that amazing but not-so-comfortable costume and I have to thank them so much for all their support during those tough days of work.

Thanks also to Miss Giacomina who helped us carry down all the heavy stuff with her ATV, she was definitely a last-minute blessing from the heavens!”

Glare Of Deliverance is the band’s most ambitious achievement yet.

The scope and vision of the project had grown monumentally huge in comparison to their initial plans for the album. Aside from recording & producing a ten-song concept album, the band had to pull together a full production team for the ten-episode video series. Which consisted of concept artist Tom Roberts (Ghost), costume designers, animal trainers, prop construction, a cast of actors & actresses, visual effects supervisors, special effects wizards, stuntmen, catering services, and even a full orchestral choir!

Produced by guitarist Tommaso Monticelli (Jumpscare, Eternal Delyria, Geschlecht) at Sonitus Studio. Glare of Deliverance is the band’s third full-length album. It features ten tracks of powerful, soaring symphonic metal that will leave you amazed, both sonically and visually. Glare of Deliverance full-length album was released on December 4, 2020, via Eclipse Records.
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Genus Ordinis Dei discography
Glare Of Deliverance (LP) – 2020
Nemesis – feat. Melissa VanFleet (single) – 2018
Hail and Kill (single) – 2018
Great Olden Dynasty (LP) – 2017
EP 2016 (EP) – 2016
The Middle (LP) – 2015
Genus Ordinis Dei lineup
Nick K (vox & guitars), Tommy (guitars & orchestra), Steven F. Olda (bass), Richard Meiz (drums)

Band photo (Credit: Mattia Gianelli) 
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