Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the signing of the outstanding Indian hard rock band Girish & The Chronicles (GATC) to the label for a multi-album deal.

“Frontiers is home to many legendary artists, some of whom we idolised as kids,” says GATC co-founder and frontman Girish Pradhan. “It is a truly wonderful feeling to be a part of this family. We had hoped for this for quite some time and we had no idea that we would be the first Indian band to do this! We really look forward to creating some crazy albums together and adding to the legacy!”

GATC plan to head into the studio shortly to start the recording process for their third album, which is due for release in early 2022. “We are very excited for this,” adds Pradhan. “We have already started making demos and they sound KICK ASS! As always, we want to take this album to the next level. It will have all the musical elements that we love to hear in our day to day lives, which of course revolves around good old rock ‘n roll, from the Sunset Strip to NWOBHM and more. Our audience can expect some great anthems!”

In regard to their own music, he states that “we are a hard rock/melodic rock/heavy metal band. We like making the kind of music that we grew up listening to, which revolves around the ’80s. However, we do like including a song or two that may have a very different vibe, which could be in the form of a progressive song or maybe a riff that has a bit of ‘India’ in it. All in all, we think of it as a rollercoaster ride from the meanest in-your-face songs to beautiful ballads. We feel that, no matter how dedicated we are to the art, we still should not stop ourselves from exploring more, but without losing the essence of what we truly love.”

GATC has released two acclaimed albums to date in ‘Back on Earth’ (2014) and ‘Rock The Highway’ (2020). Videos for two songs from the most recent of these can be seen here:

Girish And The Chronicles – ROCK N’ ROLL IS HERE TO STAY
Girish and The Chronicles – Every Night Like Tonight

Hailing from the city of Bengaluru in Sikkim (northeast India), GATC is known for soaring and powerful vocals, biting guitars, thunderous bass and pounding drums that echo the ’80s sound with which they grew up. Many rock outlets cited ‘Rock The Highway’ as one of their top albums of 2020 and the group has gained a large following among the ’80s and ’90s hair metal and hard rock aficionados.

Since forming in 2009, GATC has been credited by many for bringing classic hard rock culture back to India and they are an inspiration to a number of up and coming bands on the scene.

Renowned in their home territory for electrifying live shows, they have toured across the country and further afield, becoming a staple of many of India’s leading music festivals. They have shared stages with acts ranging from US alt-rockers Hoobastank, Finnish rockers Poets of the Fall and German thrashers Destruction, and toured with/backed ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler during his performances in India. Girish Pradhan is also part of the international metal group Firstborne (led by Adler, James Lomenzo and Hugh B. Myrone) and has previously toured in the UK and mainland Europe with his other side projects.



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