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WWRS: You’re gearing up to the release of the video for Days Of Hysteria – can you tell us about the filming of it?
TrAsh (Bassist): Sure! – Well I guess the best piece of info about this video is the location it was shot on!  It was shot on a HUGE WW1 army base that was to be torn down only a week later!  We where the last ever people to step foot on it.  A great send off! – On that note, the video is apocalyptic themed!  So in a sense and in a dark kind of way was very suited to its location.  We followed Mad Max movies for the set design and spent weeks collecting props (junk) from all sorts of places!  Killer messy!  And I don’t like getting muddy!  Then with a massive team of people we got it shot in a day and night!  It was fucking rad!

WWRS: The video shows a change of image since Into The Lion’s Den. What was behind that?
TrAsh (Bassist) – Well.. haha!  The image .. hmm well I’d say its naturally changed and evolved as we have also as people and musicians.  From glitter and big hair to tattoos and war paint!  Not to much dissimilar right!?

WWRS: The song, Days Of Hysteria, features Ashley Adams. Can you tell us about him and how he got involved with you?
Steve Scream (Lead screaming vocals) – This is a great story! – Well, we actually met because of fate and when we say fate we really mean Chatroulette! Haha basically Ashley Adams was on ‘Chatroulette’ and someone on there said STEVE SCREAM!!  To which Ashley was puzzled and said, “Know who the f**k is Steve Scream?”  So he Googled Steve, and it came up with our band which he became a big fan of and actually got on the next flight over to one of our shows to where we hit it off so much the rest is history!

Ashley Adams is a well known electro solo artist from Ireland who has some of the strongest musical talent we have ever come across so knew he was perfect for GTS 4.

WWRS: How did Girls That Scream get started?
Chris (Singer/Guitarist): It was in the cold and stormy winter of 2007.  Chris David was already releasing acoustic demos on Myspace and partying with Trash and Steve.  Eventually Chris began making more electronically-influenced tracks and the idea of forming an electro band came to fruition with Steve on synths and Ash on bass, putting drums and other sounds in backing tracks.

The band began building quite a loyal following online but were terrible live.  After three years of exploiting the internet to reach fans (but struggling on the live circuit) the band met Kiffy at a London show in 2011.  He was keen to play for the band. Since uniting as a foursome the band have never looked back.

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WWRS: What was the rationale of going onto MySpace?
TrAsh (Bassist) – Ha! Myspace? It all seems like a distant dream now! We were on Myspace before Facebook was any good for bands.  We were more of a DJ act back then.  We were the biggest unsigned band for a month though.  We did have a great following on there!

Its now sadly a bit of a wasteland of dead bands. Back then if your mum had an account then she was a rock star!

Times change!

WWRS: For anyone who’s never heard any of your stuff, how would you describe what you sound like?
Kiffy (Drummer)- Really very good!
Chris (Singer/Guitarist) – If you listen to our recent material you will hear the sounds of progression and innovation within Metal music.  Influences from dubstep, drum and bass and hip hop moulded around the sound of Modern Metal.

WWRS: As musicians, who would you say are your main influences?
Chris (Singer/Guitarist): I believe good music exists within all genres and I have influences spanning multiple music types.  I often go through phases and currently enjoy music by Kendrick Lamar and Hacktivist.

Steve’s influences are primarily Metal, bands like Mötley Crüe, Enter Shikari and I See Stars.

Ash is inspired by German techno/rock music and worships Rammstein, another favourite of his is Family Force 5.

Lately Kiffy has been listening to the band Issues. They have everything we like, Djent, electronics and a pretty chorus. We like to mix up genres.

WWRS: What was the first album you ever bought with your own money?
TrAsh (Bassist) – Well its hard to remember (although I know that’s meant to be a poignant part in someone’s life!)… But going by all the old Marilyn Manson albums I have and the fact that my room looked like a bad Manson nightmare, I’d have to say it must have been Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. That or The Spice Girls.

WWRS: What’s next for Girls That Scream?
TrAsh (Bassist): Currently we have A LOT in the pipe line!  I’m sitting in the studio with the boys finishing off our cover of Earthquake by Labyrinth.  It’s sounding nice and big!  We have an EP out.  A new range of Tee Shirts.  More video releases.  Two UK tours that span over Scotland, Wales and England.  We are always working away on something.  Who knows what you’ll find around the next corner!?  But we’ll be there! G / T / S x


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