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On 8 March 2017
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Three great albums reissued with enough bonus material to make them very attractive buys.

Dissonance records are reissuing the first three albums from Girlschool – “Demolition”, “Hit and run” and “Screaming blue murder”, dating back to the 1980-1982 period.  Fans of Girlschool will tell you these are classic albums by the band, and that’s certainly reflected in the fact that if you go and see them play live you’re likely to find a large part of the set is taken from these albums with songs such as “Hit and run”, “Demolition boys” and “Emergency” being a staple part of the setlist.

With re-issues there are always two key questions – If you don’t already own them is it worth buying these albums? and If you do own them is it worth buying these reissues?  Well the answer to the first one is easy – if you’re a fan of Girlschool or British heavy metal then I’d certainly recommend buying these releases – all three albums make a great addition to a music collection.  If you already own the originals then it comes down to what bonus features there are (if any).  In this case there are extra tracks – 5 on “Demolition” including 2 single versions, a B side and two demo versions; 4 on “Hit and run” including a live track, a Motorhead cover and the single they did with Motorhead – “Please don’t touch”; while “Screaming blue murder” just gets one.  It’s going to vary between people but there’s probably enough here to convince many fans to update their collections with these reissues.

It’s good to see these classic albums getting a reissue, particularly with the inclusion of bonus material – some of these old classic albums by a number of bands have become harder to find in recent years so a reissue helps make them available to a new audience as well as older fans.

Three nice reissues of some great albums.

The reissues of “Demolition”, “Hit and run” and “Screaming blue murder” will be released on 17th March 2017

Track listings:


1. Demolition Boys
2. Not for Sale
3. Race with the Devil (The Gun cover)
4. Take It All Away
5. Nothing to Lose
6. Breakdown
7. Midnight Ride
8. Emergency
9. Baby Doll
10. Deadline
Bonus tracks
11. Take it all away (Single version)
12. It could be better (Single version)
13. Nothing to lose (Demo)
14. Not for sale (Demo)
15. Furniture fire (B side of Emergency)

Hit and Run

1. C’mon Let’s Go
2. The Hunter
3. (I’m Your) Victim
4. Kick It Down
5. Following the Crowd
6. Tush (ZZ Top cover)
7. Hit and Run
8. Watch Your Step
9. Back to Start
10. Yeah Right
11. Future Flash
Bonus tracks
12. Please don’t touch (with Motorhead)
13. Bomber
14. Tonight
15. Demolition boys (Live)

Screaming blue murder

1. Screaming Blue Murder
2. Live with Me (Rolling Stones cover)
3. Take It from Me
4. Wildlife
5. It turns Your Head Around
6. Don’t Call It Love
7. Hellrazor
8. When Your Blood Runs Cold
9. You Got Me
10. Flesh & Blood
11. Don’t stop (Bonus track)

Three great albums reissued with enough bonus material to make them very attractive buys.

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