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Graham Bonnet Band

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On 21 July 2018
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The engine is still firing on all cylinders under this bonnet.

Meanwhile Back In The Garage

At the ripe old age of 70 Graham Bonnet can still belt it out with aplomb, point proven by current studio album Meanwhile Back In The Garage released by Frontiers Music Srl.

At fourteen tracks long it’s a challenging listen in one go but the results are well worth it as the title track hurtles in with an Alcatrazz like adrenaline rush of mind blowing guitar histrionics and there is no mistaking the Bonnet bark! Other highlights include the following track ‘The Hotel’, all edgy hard rock pinned down by huge power chords. ‘Living In Suspicion’ is breathtaking as massive lung busting choruses are preceded by hook laden verses.

  ‘Incest Outcest USA’ is a bit of a filler track but is saved by some fiery fretboard wizardry and catchy choruses. Its back to the heavy stuff as ‘Long Island Tea’ is driven along by some furious drumming from Mark Benquechea. One of Grahams most showstopping vocals dominate ‘Sea Of Trees’ backed by jabbing riffs and over the top guitar solos. ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ is a quirky but faithful cover of the Tina Turner classic. ‘Past Lives’ zips along on ‘Bark At The Moon’ like tempos as a full on metal finish ends it on a high.

My personal favourite is ‘The Crying Chair’, a grandiose power ballad that tugs at the heart strings.

Album track listing :-

Meanwhile Back In The Garage.

The Hotel.

Living In Suspicion.

Incest Outcest USA.

Long Island Tea.

The House.

Sea Of Trees.

Man On The Corner.

We Don’t Need Another Hero.

America………Where Have You Gone.

Heading Towards The Light.

Past Lives.

The Crying Chair.

Starrcarr Lane (Live from Daryl’s house 2018).

The engine is still firing on all cylinders under this bonnet.

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