Grand Design – ‘Idolizer’ cd

Grand Design’s debut ‘Time Elevation’ was way to much like Def leppard’s ‘Hysteria’, for my liking, so is “Idolizer” any different?.
Well the short answer is yes, and no. lol
The Grand Design “sound” is still in evident, and yes, they still sound like Def Leppard, however there is a slightly subtle shift in direction, not much, but enough to make then sound less like Def Leppard clones, and more like a band with something to say.
This is very much a rock album, leaving no room for ballads, However there are a couple of slow burn tracks, “Your Love’s A Runaway’ could have been quite easily slotted into the Leppard’s “Hysteria” album, another track “Addiction For Love”’ however, is a gem , and shows that the band can create a sound all of there own. A hint at the direction the 3rd album will be going maybe ?
The production on this is huge, multi-layered guitars, with enormous backing vocals, tracks like “Rock Back To The 80s’, ‘OughtoGraugh’ and ‘Let’s Rawk The Nite’ are the big sing-along anthems here.
So if theres room in your cd collection for AC/DC clones Airbourne, then there’s certainly room for this.
Pelle Saether – vocals, backing vocals
Peter Ledin – guitar, backing vocals
Richard Holmgren – drums, backing vocals
Dennis Vestman – guitars
Anders Modd – bass guitar

1. Get On With The Action
2. Change Me up
3. OughtoGraugh
4. Your Love’s A Runaway
5. Stealin’ My Love
6. Let’s Rawk The Nite
7. Addiction For Love
8. Idolize Me
9. Rock Back To The 80s
10. You’re Gonna Dig On It

Recommended 8/10

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