Hammerfest 7 – Metal Marauders ‘Black Friday Offer’

Hammerfest VII
Hammerfest VII

From NOW until Friday at Midnight will be your very last chance to grab one of the £500.00 room deals….


Here’s the deal..

Accommodation for 3 nights plus event passes – only £500 per room plus booking fee…

3 people £530 Only £176.67 per person
4 people £540 Only £135.00 per person
5 people £550 Only £110.00 per person
6 people £560 Only £93.34 per person
7 people £570 Only £81.43 per person
8 people £580 Only £72.50 per person


So you can see the bigger the group, the less you will pay!! All you need to get this offer booked in is £50.00 per person deposit (plus bf)

You can even add more to the booking at a later date….. still under this offer!!


We are now down to our final 54 rooms, so get your groups ready and give Terri a call in the office on 0208 133 4741 to get your places booked!!

or book on-line www.hammerfest.co.uk/tickets


Incase you missed the line-up….

Orange Goblin
Angel Witch
Evil Scarecrow
Hang the Bastard
The King is Blind

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