Hammerfest Revisited Review

Hammerfest Revisited Review

Kyrbgrinder played  the Flying Shuttle in Bury on Saturday 21st April, supported by Spirytus and Inferno, overall it was a very enjoyable night filled with some extreme musical talent from all the bands!



Inferno are an extremely powerful 3 piece band coming from Anglesey, they opened up with powerful assault of rock, extremely pleasing to the ears. The lead singer Joe pushes out all the right notes and never fails to impress the crowd whilst playing bass at the same time; this is an impressive feat for any musician, especially when the bass playing is as tight and accurate as it was.

The drummer Jay is extremely powerful and talented, he didn’t seem to miss a beat all night, although he went through drumsticks every other song because of the power he was putting in to the music, you couldn’t stop yourself from tapping your feet to their music, they have some extremely catchy songs, my personal favourites being ‘Vis a Vis’ and ‘Judas’ guitars provided by Liam were extremely tight and powerful and the riffs stayed in my head for the rest of the night, solos were carried out with finesse and feeling.

Overall Inferno are a force to be reckoned with and should go very far, definitely worth seeing again!





Spirytus are definitely offering something different to the rock and metal scene in England and they provided an excellent show for everyone, differing from the generic metal bands that we have seen recently Spirytus offer something much more, they started in 2004 and come from Nottingham/Leicester.

As soon as they opened I knew I was in for a treat, the whole band are extremely energetic and strive to make sure you enjoy it, the whole band can be seen jumping up and down drawing the crowd in, usually they have two guitarists but the other guitarist was unable to attend the gig but having only a single guitarist didn’t hold them back with 7 string guitars there is definitely lots of power and groove put in to their music, the bassist implements extremely funky bass lines in to his music and uses effects well in songs, and the vocalist did an excellent job of drawing the crowd and getting people to head bang away to their extremely groovy metal!

Excellent showmanship was shown by all band members, and different things such skits from Ini Kamoze really spiced up the live show, and they even managed to create a metal conga line! This is definitely one of the best bands I have seen live and their stage presence and power is awesome!





Having seen Kyrbgrinder twice before this I knew what to expect, a powerful assault of groove ridden, catchy metal which will be in your head for days and this is exactly what everyone at the Flying Shuttle got, Drummer, Johanne James has been voted classic rock drummer of the year 4 times! As well as providing extremely accurate and powerful drums he also provides amazing vocals at the same time! As well as doing this he always ensures that the audience is hooked and he intereacts with them very well!  My favorite song of the night was ‘My Heart Bleeds’ which is extremely catchy and includes lots of audience interaction!

Bass is provided by Dave Lugay who religously provides accurate basslines that groove very well with the rest of the band, Guitars are provided by Tommy Caris and the size of his amplifier definitely isn’t making up for anything as excellent ryhthym sections are provided by him and every blistering solo was executed 100% everytime! The rhythym is extremely catchy and you can’t help but nod your head to this excellent band that are defnitely going somewhere in the near feature!















VENUE: The Flying Shuttle

The Flying Shuttle is large single room pub situated in the middle of bury town centre which has bands on at least twice a week! With a huge 5500W PA whatever band is on is going to sound good and loud, sound tech duties provided by extremely talented Glenn who makes sure every band gets the sound they require on stage and also makes sure the audience hears the band as best as possible.

Drinks are cheap and there is a wide selection, including cask ales! Bar staff are extremely friendly and capable, the pub is ran by landlord Chris and Landlady Magenta, they are an extremely friendly pair who devote themselves to making sure their customers are happy.

If you aren’t local to the pub and you want to see a band here that’s fine as they have a promotional offer with nearby Premier inn, more details can be seen on the flying shuttle website.

Bands interested in performing here should contact the venue via their website

Website: http://the-flying-shuttle.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlyingShuttleBury

PROMOTERS: Ridgeback Rock

Ridgeback Rock provided all the bands for the night and their contact details can be found below.

Website & Contact Details: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003307211211

Review and Photos by James Diggle


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