Hanzel Und Gretyl – Audio, Glasgow, 14/10/2015

Together with autumn chills and colours the concert season knocks on your door.  October, November and December seem to be the busiest months gig wise.  So if you are in Glasgow, then after seeing the dark and mysterious Sisters of Mercy (or the charming Devin Townsend) on Monday, you are most likely going to end up at the Hanzel Und Gretyl gig at Audio.  One year ago this crazy industrial metal duo released the album “Black Forest Metal” and are now touring.  The Glasgow gig was opened by local bands Je$us Loves Amerika and Seraph Sin.

The gig started slightly later than planned but everything got back on schedule, as bands were quick enough to prepare themselves during the breaks in between. The very first band of the evening was Je$us Loves Amerika. It all started with a thick wall of smoke and some sound issues for the first couple of songs.  It was barely possible to hear the vocalist, who seemed to give a lot to the audience.  Regardless of his efforts the audience seemed to be quite passive listeners and even when the singer went into the crowd to sing, nobody seemed to be impressed. Despite all that the band had their own charm and they seemed to be giving a lot of themselves that night. They played a half hour set.

Seraph Sin

The next band seemed to be very much awaited by the audience and had their own fan base.  They were Seraph Sin, a four piece industrial metal band.  They popped to the stage with quite an energy and speed and vocalist Gabriel Lennox started pouring out the emotions from the very first song.  The audience got much more responsive immediately and time started actually to fly. One song after another, some jokes with the crowd and the industrial metallers (or punks if you wish) were finally making the audience move, as they played, sang, cried and jumped on the monitors. As with the previous band, they couldn’t avoid some sound issues but that was quickly fixed and their half hour set flew by quickly.  I must admit they made quite the impression, as I saw them for the very first time!

By the time Hanzel Und Gretyl arrived banners with reversed crosses had appeared on the stage, and the whole club was filled with thick smoke.  Amid wolf howls, red light and heavy riffs the fairy tale duo made their way onto the stage. The impressive appearance of Kaizer von Loopy in his metal wolf mask and kaiser’s helmet and the red-haired Vas Kallas promised quite a show from the very beginning. The show was very red and foggy, so the fans automatically moved forward to get closer to the stage in order

Hanzel Und Gretyl

to see. Despite being only two people on the stage, the power and energy were at full speed and the music was fast and harsh enough to get everybody moving instantaneously. If that wasn’t enough, the band finally decided to play the famous “Das Boot” and began their search in the audience for… boots! Once some had been found, the owners were invited on the stage to drink lots of beers from, well, their own boots.  Some beer was drunk but more was spilled and went everywhere it could possibly go on and off the stage. By that point audience lost their minds and rocked out with the band till the very end of the show and invited them eagerly back for the encore.  After the sweaty and beer soaked ninety minutes, it was all over and the duo kindly came back to the fans for a chat.







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