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Hard Rock Hell 9 on track for a Christmas Sell out

HRH9-600px-Poster-for-HRH8Hard Rock Hell 9 officially goes on sale today with 82% of its packages already sold out on pre sale.

HRH 9 which takes place next November 2015, brings to life its latest production, “HRH House of Horrors” which promises to be a deep and dark experience laced with over 50 bands from around the globe performing throughout the weekend at this annual residential event.

HRH CEO Jonni Davis commented; “HRH 8 sold out 11 months in advance and we had a lot of pre bookings lined up for next year who missed out on this years experience. That being said, the response to HRH 9 has been unprecedented with a big surge from European customers on top, which has resulted in us releasing the last rooms now rather than after this year’s event.”

HRH continues to be the European leader in residential live experiences.


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