Harem Scarem’s latest album, Mood Swings II


Harem Scarem, for those new to this group, have been treading the hallowed boards of the rock world since their birth in Canada when Harry Hess of Blind Vengeance and Minotaur guitarist Pete Lesperance got together back in the late 1980’s. This new album which was released on the 27th of September 2013, is a follow on from their first Mood Swings album which was released in 1993. (Foot note), For those of you who wonder where the bands idea for a name came from, they were inspired by a Bugs Bunny film made in 1939,”Hare-um Scare-um”!

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The first song on this new album is called ‘Saviors Never Cry‘. Nothing more than to be expected from the now seasoned group, a great hard sounding riff and bass heavy tune played with plenty of twiddles. Great lyrics sung to us in the classic rock style that Harem Scarem are renowned for while Harry Hess ever the true professional singer, is still sounding just as great as he did when the guy’s first got together. Now ‘Stranger Than Love‘, is a true power rock ballad of epic proportions. Big sounds! big riff’s! big beats! big hair? (optional) these days. It’s one song I’d like to see the guy’s play live, a real chart winner for sure. The seventh track on this album is called ‘Mandy‘ just a beautiful instrumental duo between a guitar and the piano.

Pretty much so far this has been a good album with a variety of songs from hard rock to soft ballads, and then sprinkled with a little bit of everything else in between! There’s something for everyone here if you liked the 90’s rock scene with all the glam fashion, long hair and massive sounds. But what I will say is that this album is definitely showing signs the group has now matured into a world winning classic rock band.

With an epic fourteen tracked album it finally leaves us with ‘Brighter Day‘, a nice semi mellow song composed by Harry Hess. It’s definitely growing on me the more I play the album. Would I’d recommend it to you? Yes! it’s well worth the asking price, give it a go.

Track List……………

Saviors Never Cry

No Justice

Stranger Than Love

Change Comes Around


Sentimental Boulevard


Empty Promise

If There Was A Time

Just Like I Planned

Had Enough

World Gone To Pieces


Brighter Day

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Band Members……………..

Harry Hess – lead vocals, keys, guitar
Pete Lesperance – lead guitar, vocals
Barry Donaghy – bass, vocals
Creighton Doane – drums


Home town, Toronto, Canada






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