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On 4 August 2017
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Captivating debut E.P from acoustic rock-alternative country duo Harriet!

Whatever genre of music you like, at the end of the day, a good song is a good song and duo Harriet! have written two highly impressive ones for their double A sided single Just Sign/Those Three Words, due for release on August 14th 2017. Formed in 2010 and based in Derby, the band consist of Harriet McDonnell and Neil Wardleworth, both of whom have had a lot of experience in the music business.

Opening track ‘Just Sign’ breezes along on a ‘Miss You’ by the Rolling Stones vibe. The lyrics seem to portray the struggle to get a record contract as Harriet pours her heart out reflecting her plight. A hard hitting lyric of “You’re looking for the next dream to break, the next song to take, just sign on the line” precedes a hard hitting final chorus.

The bitter sweet tale of love lost themed lyrics  ‘Those Three Words’ can melt the coldest of hearts as it captivates from start to finish as it rises and soars like Bob Seger at his balladic best. The E.P can be pre ordered now digitally from Apple/iTunes, Amazon and Google Play Store. CD and 12″vinyl formats are available from the link at the foot of this page.


EP track listing :-

Just Sign.

Those Three Words.

Harriet! band line up :-

Harriet McDonnell – Lead vocals/acoustic guitar.

Neil Wardleworth – Backing vocals/acoustic guitar/percussion.



Captivating debut E.P from acoustic rock-alternative country duo Harriet!

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