Heimdall – Aedeid

Heimdall- AedeidHailing from Salerno, Campania, Italy Heimdall give us their latest musings over their countries heritage, with the apt name of Aeneid.

The first track on the album is named Prologue, which of course is an intro. This fades in with slow dramatic sounding trumpets and drums which builds up to include violins and a chime which I assume is a keyboard sound. The vocals begin to chant to introduce the story Aeneid which the album is based on. The poem by Virgil is about the ancestor of the Romans. A great theme for an album I think and a moving introduction.

Forced by Fate is the second track on the album which has a ‘game show’ sound to the first few bars which I didn’t like but the drums fix that. Fast paced riffing and drums lead us quickly to the chanting of the track name. I like the layers of vocals. Nothing special is catching me yet however. The quieter section beginning at 1.52 is quite nice and the guitar solo that follows. The ‘game show’ phrase comes in again near the end then the chorus is repeated. I enjoyed the extended vocals that finish the track.

Save You is the next track which starts faster. The chorus in this much better though still obvious, the keyboard choir layers work well. The slower section at 2.23 is quite interesting, I love pinches so that makes up for the rest of the track. Two awesome guitar duets follow, the guitar harmonies are very evocative.

Waiting for the Dawn. A water sound track starts the track with a piano sound flowing behind the vocals. A stomping guitar riff enters in and then fade out to the vocals come back in with the piano, loving this. The chorus is awesome, still obvious but the rest of the song has lots of changes of pace, layering and key changes. MUCH better. The tune for the chorus is quite catchy also. Another fantastic guitar solo, the guitar tone is fantastic, chunky riffs in the background of the solo now. Back to the slower pace and pianos at 3 mins in and then back again. My favourite track so far. LOVE the high vocal scream at the end to finish.

A layer of fading sounds starts the next rack which is entitled Ballad of the Queen, two beautiful acoustics play over the top with violins and the smooth and beautiful voice of Ferro moving softly with them. Already this track has gripped me, very evocative. Not obvious at all, this is what I like in a track. Absolutely stunning, this is the kind of track you play at a house party and everyone sings along, thinking they can hit the notes after too much beer or if you are taking a quiet walk and want some ‘thinking music’.  I love the desperately repeated lyric ‘give me peace’. What a beautiful balance of layering.

Funeral Song is next. Quite excited about this one as it is an instrumental. The track starts off with a synth sound, followed by a clock chime? A choir and a hand drum, then  some kind of violin or organ I think then a flute. Very nice, quite ancient sounding. The chime fading off with fire crackling now. The track finishes quite abruptly and the next track pounds in, nice dynamic!

So, Underworld, you caught me off guard, let’s have you. Enjoying the starting riff and crazy ass keyboard or guitar effect. The chorus isn’t long in coming, atmospheric and inspiring. Another impressive solo at 2.32.

Gates of War appropriately starts off with the sound of marching and battle. I like the way the drums and keyboard quietly enter the track, very atmospheric. In come the vocals. Not as into this one, waiting too long for something to jump out at me I think. The quiet spell with the piano at 3.44 is nice with the fading out guitar. I like the timing of the solo coming in but not so sure about the guitar sound.

Night of the World, a chunky riff with keyboard starts it off which I didn’t like until the drums came in. The guitar solo has also improved my first impression but I’m starting to lose interest again, I want something refreshing and heavier! The section beginning at 1.23 is quite powerful mainly due to the vocals and guitar question and answer timing.

Hero starts off with two interesting guitar riffs and the keyboard. Vocals come in, this track is also failing to capture me again, just something not quite right. The piano and quiet vocals at 2.11 are something different. I love the vocal harmony at 2.39 and the transition to the faster pace via an insane drum fill. Nice build up, I like the chanting in the background of the vocals.

All of Us starts off with a keyboard riff, followed by another chunky guitar riff. I like the vocals at this point, lots of dynamic between the different voices. LOVE the guitar tone at 1.10 that’s more like it, some heavy ass groove! I can imagine shouting the lyrics to this track at a gig. Guitar solo is awesome, especially with my preferred guitar tone. The section beginning at 1.34 which builds up to the end is fantastic. Double kicks! Nice.

Away starts off with a beautiful piano piece accompanied by the vocals, 53 seconds in is beautiful. The vocals are stunning.

The last track of the album is called The Last Act. Violin sound and guitar riff start off the piece, oo speeding up. Aw I was enjoying that, back to a slower speed with piano and slow vocals. Starting to build up now at 0.38. The guitar in the background at 2.37 is awesome, a pinch! 2.48 is interesting and the guitar solo as well, quite a different feel, refreshing. I love the piano solo and keyboard at the end of the piece.

This album is a huge undertaking to try to unravel for a review but I think if I was listening to it while walking or seeing Heimdall live it would have a completely different feel. The guitar tones annoyed me and I found the choruses too predictable, the vocals however were stunning and when the guitar tone was right it was fantastic. No lack of skill or weak link in the chain merely personal preference, I would have liked heavier parts, something a bit more thrashy but I don’t always get what I want. An enjoyable listen none the less.

Aedeid was released today 26th February 2013 via Scarlet Records

 Rating – 7 out of 10

Track Listing:


Forced by Fate

Heimdall (3)0Save You

Waiting for the Dawn

Ballad of the Queen

Funeral Song


Gates of War


Night on the World

All of Us


The Last Act


Band Members:

Fabio Calluori- Guitar

Camelo Claps- Lead Guitars

Nicolas Calluori- Drums

Gandolfo Ferro- Vocals

Umerto Parisi- Lead Guitars

Daniel Pastore- Bass





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