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HIC IACET – Prophecy of Doom (Hell Headbangers Records)

This SpaHIC IACET pronish band formed 2010 and this is their first official release. This manky low-fi black/death/doom on first listen is fuzzy and unintelligible. After a few listens the riffs start to appear from the sonic mist and the low growls.

This band is coming from the old school and have capitalised on the cavernous reverbs and high end tinny cymbals. Simplistic minor chords and little technical prowess is the order of the day. The guitars are the background rather than upfront and there are almost droned periods during these filth seeped minutes.

This takes the Autopsy formula and peels away the layers to its base; too prepare for this you really need to rid yourself of preformed ideas of what death metal is. This is not instant and will test your patience, its disjointed, menacing and will leave an impression eventually.


Ritual I: Elevation of Sun
Ritual II: Prophecy of Doom



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