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High Treason

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On March 11, 2019
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It's a great hard rock album.

Formed in the late 70s, High Treason released their debut single in 1980 and aside from a couple of tracks that appeared on a compilation album, that was their entire recording output despite the band touring until the late 80s. Many years later the Japanese band Gorgon covered one of their songs and High Treason reformed and in 2007 they released their debut album – “Radio will find me”. Since then the lineup has changed significantly with two members leaving and a third dying. After that turmoil they released their second album in 2016 – Everything’s gonna change. Now just three years on they’re ready to release their third album.

It’s a great hard rock album. Peter Yeomans has a strong voice and can certainly reach the high notes (check out “Temptation” as an example), while at times he reminds me of Blaze Bayley. The songs are all well written and sound great. There’s plenty of good music here and great guitar riffs. If you’re a fan of classic British hard rock then this album is one you need to listen to.

High Treason may be a relatively unknown band despite their long history but if there’s any justice then this album will help them gain a much larger audience.

“Silver bullets” will be released on 19th April 2019

Track listing:

1. Silver bullets
2. Locked outside
3. Ride into the storm
4. Day I return
5. One way life
6. Spanish eyes
7. Temptation
8. Crosshairs
9. Surviving your love
10. Talked me down

It's a great hard rock album.

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